Driving Nappy Mad: Sunday’s Comic

Nolte: Fox’s Judge Napolitano Still Spreading Anti-Trump Conspiracy Theories

The Fox News Channel’s Judge Andrew Napolitano accused Attorney General William Barr of misleading Congress — an act that would result in Barr’s impeachment.

According to the Hill, on Wednesday, Napolitano sided with hysterical Democrats and far-left media conspiracy theorists with the evidence-free claim that Barr “probably misled” the House when he testified in April about special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.


  1. When you don’t get your request to be nominated for SCOTUS this is wht happens. SOOOO glad our President could see through this phony before he became public about it.

  2. The man shows his true colors now, along with Smith. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the SCOTUS would it Nappy????

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