One Dead After Buckeye Private Fundraiser Confrontation

One man is dead after a shooting at a private fundraiser being held at a residence in western Buckeye, Arizona on May 18, 2019.

According to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 7:53 pm, they received a call in reference to a possible shooting. When deputies arrived, they found two injured males with gunshot wounds, one of which was deceased.

Homicide Detectives spoke with multiple witnesses who all stated that 40-year old Jose Vera started a verbal confrontation with another male at the private gathering and things escalated. As the confrontation grew more heated, Jose pointed a pistol at the other male subject and that is when 40-year-old Telesforo Rios attempted to stop Jose from his actions. During this interjection, Jose ended up shooting Telesforo, leading to a non-fatal injury. Telesforo and Jose wrestled for control of the firearm and in the process Jose was shot and died from his injuries.

Telesforo was transported to a nearby hospital where he was treated and released to the custody of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. After being interviewed by Homicide Detectives he was processed and released.


  1. Not the first time someone has been shot or even killed at this residence. Check the facts. Just saying!!!!

  2. Hum ” Private Fundraiser ”
    and They bring Guns with Them,

    Was it a Fundraiser to buy more drugs
    Fundraiser to pay Mules to carry drugs
    Fundraiser to get Lawyer for their leader who is in Jail
    Fundraiser for helping illegals to come here
    Fundraiser to buy another car to smuggle drugs illegals
    Fundraiser to buy more guns
    Cynical Yea I am
    Shooting is not a surprize

    Its their Bull Sh__it reason to be all together with guns That does not make any sence !
    Sounds more like spliting profits from drug dealing
    Smething is not right about this type of fundraiseing

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