Old, Feeble-Minded Joe

joe biden
Vice-President Joe Biden joining President Obama in a hearty laugh. [Photo from YouTube]

Joe Biden, twice failed Democratic candidate for President and now running a third time, repeatedly said there was not one hint of scandal in the Obama-Biden administration. Biden is proving how feeble-minded he is.

Check the following:

● Obama-Biden administration spied on the Trump campaign.

● The ATF Fast & Furious campaign, which resulted in the death of Agent Brian Terry and Attorney General Eric Holder was cited for contempt for withholding documents from Congress.

● Remember Benghazi?  The Obama-Biden administration failed to protect our ambassador, failed to reinforce security, and lied about the causes by blaming a third-rate video.

● The Obama-Biden administration’s Justice Department used a racial double-standard by failing to pursue a voter intimidation case against Black Panthers who were menacing voters at poling places in 2008 in Philadelphia.

● The Obama-Biden administration lost billion of dollars on failed green energy investments during the first presidential term. Remember Solyndra, et. al?

● The Veterans’ Affairs agency blew six million dollars on two conferences in Disney World.

● In 2010, the General Services Administration held a training conference in Las Vegas, using a clown, and wasted $823,000.

● In 2008 and 2012, the Obama-Biden administration disabled the credit card verification system for its Web sites donations, allowing foreigners to donate without proof of identity and in any amount.

● Attacked Libya in 2011 without Congressional approval as required by the War Powers Act.

● The Obama-Biden administration stole ownership of General Motors from its rightful owners and gave it to the UAW, who neither purchased nor earned ownership.

● For the first time in American history, under the Obama-Biden administration, America’s credit rating was downgraded due to incompetent economic policies.

● The Obama-Biden administration willingly violated the Constitution by authorizing the assassinations of American citizens overseas.

● In 2010, the Obama-Biden Democratic Party was sued by the Communist Party USA for stealing its platform, changing Communist Party to Democratic Party.

● In 2013, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, flew on Air Force Two to China. Ten days after the trip, Bohai Capital, a subsidiary of the Bank of China, signed a deal with Hunter Biden’s firm to form a $1.5 billion joint investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST. Hunter Biden had little investment or hedge fund experience. He has no knowledge of China. What did the Biden family give up?  Why was Air Force Two involved with a private banking deal? Is this why Joe Biden doesn’t consider China a competitor?  Has China bought off Joe Biden through his son? Joe Biden has yet to comment.

● Joe Biden was Obama’s point man in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was some how picked to be a board member of an energy company at $50,000 a month. The country’s top prosecutor was investigating corruption at the company, including Hunter Biden. Joe Biden threatened to cancel a billion dollar in loan guarantees if the prosecutor was not fired. The prosecutor was fired, the corruption investigation went away, and Hunter Biden was immensely helped by his father. What was the Biden family hiding? Has the Ukraine bought off Joe Biden through his son? And why does Biden deny the whole affair when he has been captured on film bragging about it?

● Joe Biden repeatedly states that President Trump inherited a booming economy from Obama. Really? I don’t call a 2% GDP growth a booming economy. I don’t call an economy that for eight years failed to reach 3% GDP growth.

● Under the Obama-Biden administration, the Democratic Party became the largest organized criminal cartel in the country as well as the largest hate group.

These are only a few of the scandals and lies of the Obama-Biden administration. Biden’s attempt at historical revisionism won’t succeed. The American people are not stupid. But is Biden so feeble-minded he cannot remember all the scandals and crimes connected to the Obama-Biden administration See the list above.?