Canyon Ranch Employee Accuses British Billionaire Of Assault

Sir Philip Green confronting MPs after one of his company's collapse.

A Canyon Ranch Pilates instructor, 37-year-old Katie Surridge, has revealed to the British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, that Sir Philip Green, groped her repeatedly and made sexual comments on two occasions between 2016 and 2018.

Green, known as the King of Retail Fashion, had been accused of harassment and abuse by employees before the he was “charged in the United States with four counts of misdemeanor assault,” according to

According to the Daily Mail, “The mother-of-three said in a police interview that the ‘creepy old man’ had ‘vigorously’ slapped her bottom up to 10 times in January 2016, later adding that he had made her feel ‘almost like a prostitute.'”

ITV News tracked down Green while in Arizona in 2018:



  1. The King of Retail Fashion saw that movie where the guy says “It’s good to be the King!”

  2. Almost like a prosititute!
    Wonder if all three kids have the same father ?
    And who cares what this guy did in the Uk
    He will only get a slap on wrist
    They predos there
    Murder will get you 6yrs
    Killing a child gets you 1 yr
    Raping a child gets you 6 days
    Screw this

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