Ill Guatemalan Woman Dies After Migrant Group Abandons Her

border patrol
[Photo courtesy Border Patrol]

YUMA – A Guatemalan woman, who fell ill on the Barry M. Goldwater Firing Range and was abandoned by the group she was traveling with, has been found dead.

“This was an unnecessary death,” said Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Anthony J. Porvaznik. “This group should never have been on the Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range. Yuma Sector agents have seen an increase in illegal entries in this area and we feel strongly that effective anti-pedestrian/vehicle barriers are needed to improve the security and safety there. The planned border infrastructure improvements on the BMGR will aid in the impedance and denial of illegal entries along the Southwest Border, which will decrease the likelihood of unnecessary death, injury and criminal smuggling activity in this area.”

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), Border Patrol agents working with an Air and Marine Operations helicopter crew recovered the body of the deceased woman in her 40s after emergency services in Mexico informed the Yuma Sector Operations Center at approximately 4:38 p.m., that they had been contacted by a group of 10 illegal aliens lost somewhere in the desert.

The caller stated that one of the females in the group was losing consciousness and they abandoned her on the Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range east of Yuma. Within 78 minutes, the helicopter crew located the woman’s remains and five illegal aliens from the air. Agents on the ground located four more persons nearby.

According to CBP, the cause of the woman’s death is currently under investigation. Her remains were transported to the county medical examiner’s office, after which they will be transported back to Guatemala with assistance from that country’s consulate.

The other migrants traveling in her group were found to be in good health after an initial medical evaluation and were transported to the Yuma Border Patrol Station for immigration processing, where they received food, water, and care while awaiting prosecution for immigration violations.


  1. My saying ICE’s fault was Sarcastic. I blame both parties for open borders. President Trump is the only one that is working for the citizens of this country. In AZ we have Biggs & Gosar & Ally. That’s pretty much it on my slate.

  2. No I believe its the democraps fault as they are the ones holding the country hostage with their left leaning idiocy. Yes ICE has the need but the DEMOCRAPS are the ones FAILING to protect the country and they are NOT living up to their oath of office to protect the people of THIS country. Seems they think we owe the invaders something!!

  3. It’s ICE’s fault. BUILD THE DAMN WALL and stop spending $$$ on invaders we don’t want or know who they are.

    • It’s the Democrats that are against the Wall, not ICE.They are working their Butt off but get no help from the Demo Congress.

  4. Why are we flipping the bill ?
    Tariffs are cheaper the supporting these million familys for ever.. welfare and foodstamps crimes medical etc
    I will never buy a new car anyway so if it cost more for a new one go ahead rise the price
    Never buy a new car unless you have Cash And if you have that much a couple thousand is still cheaper then keeping 20 of these illegals here in the long run
    Secure the Border

  5. its a wonder richard or someone hasnt tried to blame the feds for this. Plain stupidity on her part and the rest of those that left her. Need to build the fence NOW not later. Where are the no more tears folks on this? Oh thats right its not the feds fault so the silence is deafening!

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