Ducey Signs Election Reform Legislation Aimed At Non-Citizen Voters

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PHOENIX – On Monday, Governor Doug Ducey signed into law HB2039, which requires county recorders to post on their websites the number of voters registered using the state or federal form who have not provided proof of citizenship. The law also requires the number of votes cast using federal only ballots to be posted.

Under Arizona law, federal voters who have not shown proof of citizenship are ineligible to vote in Arizona elections.

The bill also makes a technical correction to SB 1090, which requires voters who receive emergency ballots to present proof of identification and sign an affidavit stating that they have experienced or are experiencing an emergency.

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Senate fact sheet for H.B. 2039:

Current statute requires county recorders to count all registered voters and report the totals to the Secretary of State (SOS) as soon as is practicable. In even numbered years, county recorders must count all registered voters on: 1) January 1; 2) March 1; and 3) the last day on which a person may register to be eligible to vote in the next primary election, general election and presidential preference election. In odd numbered years, county recorders must count all registered voters on: 1) January 1; 2) April 1; 3) July 1; and 4) October 1.

The SOS must prepare a summary report of the totals and maintain the report as a permanent record (A.R.S. § 16-168).

The National Voter Registration Act requires Arizona to allow voters to register to vote in elections for federal office by using a federal registration form. A person who uses a federal registration form must: 1) attest that the eligibility requirements, including citizenship, have been
met; and 2) sign under penalty of perjury (42 U.S.C. § 1973gg). A person who uses the federal registration form to register to vote without providing evidence of citizenship is a registered and qualified elector for federal offices only (AG Opinion I13-011).

A person who becomes ill or disabled after the second Friday before the election may request to have a ballot personally delivered by a special election board to vote a provisional ballot.

Laws 2019, Chapter 107 amended that section of statute to require the person to provide identification and sign a statement that the person is experiencing or has experienced an emergency after 5:00 p.m. on the first Friday preceding the election and before 5:00 p.m. on the first Monday preceding the election that prevents the person from voting at the polls (A.R.S. § 16-549).

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  1. Sadly, we can NOT TRUST this Republican Governor. I agree with Jon. It should be a felony for ANY Non-citizen to VOTE. Hussein is OUT of OUR WH. Ducey is a Chamber of Communist guy. Any half good he will do us, is for show.

  2. Pima County Election Director Brad Nelson
    oversaw the 2006 Regional Transportation
    Authority Bond Election fraud where both
    Democrats and Republicans agreed that his
    office electronically altered approximately
    20 PERCENT of all the votes from NO to YES,
    destroyed the evidence, and ended up just
    having to say he was sorry in the Court case.
    (which was moved to Pinal County) Independents,
    Republicans, and Democrats all polled the voters
    and agreed that the 2 billion dollar Bond was going
    to get crushed by a 60% to 40% margin; care of
    Brad Nelson it narrowly passed.

    When the lawsuit started all three groups were
    involved; once the D’s and R’s realized in fact
    it was a massive fraud, they dropped out leaving
    the independents to carry the lawsuit forward.

    Fontes likely only gerrymandered a percent or
    two- child’s play relative to Nelson’s deed.

  3. Hopefully this will help prevent Fontes and Hobbs from stealing the next election with their funny business. Hobbs, Simena and the new ED supt were all sneaked in AFTER the election.

    We outlawed ballot harvesting but they found another way to cheat with ‘absentee” ballots.

    Fontes and the dems actually promoted voting w/o ID in the “emergency” vote centers on the last weekend before the REAL election day.

    GOP filed suit and told him to keep those ballots segregated. He mixed them into the rest.

    He is not cooperating with their audit.

    Mail in ballots should only be for those who cannot vote in person. If you have to stand in line until midnight SO BE IT.

    Also many GOP voters were made to use provisional ballots on the day of the election because the new electronic check in system that Fontes created couldn’t find their registration, even though they had photo ID!

    How much you wanna bet their ballots were tampered with somehow?

    I don’t trust DEMS. Especially when they are counting the votes!

    • I don’t understand why Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes is not under arrest or at least removed from office.

  4. Stop ALL mail in voting except Military and provable emergencies. Make the day a holiday and go to the polls. Keep it simple.

    • I’m against making it a holiday.

      We pay enough for govt employee holidays. Let them use their own generous sick time pay to take the day off and get paid by their unions too for “getting out the vote”.

    • Becasue the Obama admin sued and won against AZ when we tried to make sure they proved US citizenship when they register to vote.

      So they don’t have to prove their citizenship. For federal offices.

      Makes me sick. We need a new lawsuit!


  6. Gov. ACEY Ducey earning good stripes. Americans First
    Illegals have no rights here
    They havent earned them
    Americans Vote because we have fought and many have died for this right.
    I will vote Republican I dont like politics and tbe Greed Egos Power But I will be dammed if a Free for all Dem gets in office
    I dont like all Trump says or does. But He is better then anyone else, Americans do matter to him. Secure our Borders Keep Terrorist out
    Stop / Slow the free Illegal Drug trade Stop free welfare/ medical to illegals
    Support More Law Enforcement
    Bring Jobs Back to America
    Keep China / Russia out of our home computers
    We need to get tougher not softer

  7. One small step for freedom but is there any way to stop Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes from creating illegal “Emergency Voting Centers” so he can get more Commies elected?

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