ICE Removes “El Mocho,” Wanted For Rape Of Child In Mexico

“Criminals who attempt to evade their home country’s law enforcement reach will not find refuge in Arizona,” said Albert Carter, acting field office director for ERO Phoenix.

NOGALES – A Mexican national, Arturo Lopez-Mendez, otherwise known as “El Mocho,” was removed Friday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to face rape charges in Mexico. El Mocho was transferred to the custody of the Mexican Federal Police.

According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), on November 15, 2000, the Criminal Judicial Branch in Sinaloa, Mexico, issued a warrant against El Mocho, age 45, for the offense of rape. On June 18, 2018, Mexican authorities notified ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) Phoenix that El Mocho was subject to an outstanding arrest warrant on rape charges. El Mocho allegedly assaulted and raped a seven-year-old female at a private residence, leaving the victim with visible signs of the assault, including blood-soaked pants and legs.

El Mocho came into ICE custody April 24, 2019, following his arrest by the United States Border Patrol and subsequent conviction for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

On April 25, he was issued a final administrative removal order.



  1. Just bringing that culture & those traditions with ’em. Hard time for him and let him prison mates know why he’s there & send the rest home.

  2. We need to bring this guy to the next trial of “No More Deaths” Scott Warren, explain to the jury who he is, and then ask Warren if he has harbored “El Mocho” among his illegal alien activities. Also ask El Mocho if he drank any “No More Deaths” water when sneaking in.

  3. Thousands upon thousands of child abusers live in Nogales and other border towns They get away with it so often Its like the other News story in news that says *Phx
    MAN and 11 yr girl who is with child now .because of rape
    He is a ILLEGAL and the family of the little girl are here illegaly
    Guess who paying for that baby !
    We are and guess whos not getting treatment for abuse, that lil girl more free heath care taken away from An American and more money out of your pocket.
    I feel really sorry for that baby
    He/ she will most likely grow up messed up and the cycle goes on
    We have enough of these American child abusers here *We dont need more of them
    I still say Death Penatly for All child abusers..

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