Former Benson Doctor, Partner Indicted For Diverting Oxycodone

Dr. Glenn Gary Robertson and Timothy Arthur Evicci have been indicted by a State Grand Jury for diverting oxycodone to customers in the Tucson are.

Robertson an internal medicine doctor practicing medicine in Benson, and Evicci were specifically indicted for Illegally Conducting an Enterprise, Conspiracy, Fraud, Transporting a Narcotic Drug for Sale, and Illegally Administering a Narcotic Drug.

Investigators allege that between January 2, 2017, and June 6, 2018, Robertson wrote 3,516 prescriptions for opioids, totaling 415,665 pills. The indictment alleges that Robertson was administering significant amounts of Oxycodone to Evicci and another co-conspirator.

Allegedly, Evicci and the co-conspirator drove from Tucson to Robertson’s office in Benson to receive their prescriptions, and would then travel back to Tucson where they would fill the prescriptions, and then sell the pills in Tucson.

Robertson’s license to practice medicine was suspended by the Arizona Medical Board effective June 25, 2018. Robertson’s license to practice medicine was revoked effective December 14, 2018.

Robertson was previously indicted for Conspiracy to Commit Murder.

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  1. Hang them both
    These guys / drs. Are whats making lives hell for legit people who need that medicine
    But no ne does shit about the deadly drugs like Meth fenytanal
    Heroin from the open borders
    Ducey needs a back bone

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