Mexican Woman Arrested After Failed Cocaine Smuggling Attempt

Officers removed packages of cocaine from the rocker panels of a smuggling vehicle [Photo courtesy CBP]

TUCSON – On Monday, a Mexican national was arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers after a failed cocaine smuggling attempt Monday.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), a 28-year-old Mexican woman was referred for secondary inspection of her Dodge sedan, as she attempted to enter the United States on Monday afternoon. Officers discovered nearly 2 dozen packages of cocaine weighing almost 51 pounds concealed within the vehicle’s rocker panels. The packages had an estimated value of in excess of $1.2 million.


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  2. He’s been worthless from the beginning. The only hard working politicians that represent the citizens are Gosar & Biggs. This state has become McCain corrupt by accepting $$$$ from Soros & cartels.

  3. Great Job Border agents and your great drug dogs
    Wheres Gov acey Ducey voice on all these drugs and illegals crossing into his state he is supposed to be watching over ??
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