Tysons Chicken Nuggets Go Chickenless

chicken nuggests

SPRINGDALE – This week Tyson Foods announced it will be swapping out chicken for plant-protein alternatives in nuggets, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new chickenless chicken nuggets, made with flaxseed, peas and other plants, will debut this summer.

Tyson currently produces one out of every five pounds of chicken, beef and pork processed in the United States annually. But the company sees meatless as a business that could reach $1 billion in yearly sales. The plant-based nuggets will be under a new brand called “Raised & Rooted.”

“There are opportunities for us to produce and supply many of the products produced today in traditional form, in plant-based form,” said Noel White, Tyson’s CEO.

The company also has plans to offer sausages and burgers with barley, pea protein and quinoa combined with beef and chicken.

The company says it is eyeing the growing number of customers who like to have veggie burgers and plant proteins along with their meats. Recent studies have found that more consumers are cutting back on meat consumption as well.

Tyson isn’t the only food company expanding into meat alternatives. Nestlé is rumored to be expanding its agreement with McDonald’s to add its plant-based Incredible Burger to stores outside of Germany,


  1. Spend real dollars to buy fake food, only in America.
    No thanks, I still have my real teeth, I’ll live life dangerously and continue eating real food.

    The Oracle

  2. I have concerns with ‘cultured protein’ it’s not meat – meat – made of DNA made protein stuff – not sure I want one of those tacos – I don’t eat at the BELL

  3. As a vegan I read ingredients carefully of any so called meatless products and I make the most of vegetables, make my own cheeses and eat at real local vegan restaurants, not BK et al.
    Since seeing a video expose on the above manufacturer I have been very careful buying meat for my husband and our dogs. You don’t have to be vegan to educate yourself on the ingredients of a lot of foods sold for so called “human consumption”.

  4. A lot of companies are trying to swap-in non-meat fake stuff, “to save the planet.” This is like swapping out real TSP (trisodium phosphate, which the greenie-weenies hate mostly because it works) with sodium bicarbonate re-labled as “TSP-90.” Read the ingredient labels, and buyers beware!

  5. Tyson goes chickensless
    While Gov of Az is becoming more of a chicken
    Wish he would become chickenless

    • by all means go, but don’t include me in ‘we’ when you wish ‘your desires’ that ‘your problem or issue’ because you want too.. everyone should – because you think so… no thanks –

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