Pima County Supervisors Set To Raise Taxes Again

Pima County Supervisors Ramon Valadez, Steve Christy, and Richard Elias. [Photo from Pima County Facebook]

The Pima County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve another property tax increase during their Tuesday, June 18, 2019 meeting. The supervisors are expected to reject a proposal by Supervisor Ally Miller that would have provided pay increases for County employees while dropping the tax bill of residents.

Miller had proposed a tax neutral budget plan to County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and her colleagues on the Board at the June 4, 2019 meeting.

During the Board’s budget hearings last month, Pima County Assessor Bill Staples, a Democrat, called on the Board to “be honest” about their intention to raise taxes on the residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the country. While fellow democrats on the Board, Sharon Bronson, Ramon Valadez, and Richard Elias seem to have ignored his plea, Miller praised his concern for residents.

For Miller, who has been fighting against the nearly annual increase of taxes on residents, Staples’ words only echoed what she has been saying since before she was elected in 2012.

Currently, Pima County residents pay the highest property taxes in the state. They also pay a sales tax through the County-wide Regional Transportation Authority.

Not only do Pima County residents pay the highest taxes, those taxes cover the salary of Huckelberry, who is the second highest paid county administrator in the country. Huckelberry’s salary, like the increasing tax rate, is a result of his many years of control over Elias, Bronson, and Valadez.

“It is time they are held accountable,” said Republican Party Executive Committee member Chris King. “I hope the public will turn out on Tuesday and speak against this property tax increase. We have a lot of new families and seniors on fixed incomes who can’t take these annual increases. The supervisors talk about fairness and compassion, but they show none for the hard-working residence of Pima County.”

The June 18, 2019 meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m., at 130 W. Congress on the 1st floor in the Board of Supervisor hearing room.



  1. up up and away in our 90,000,000.00 balloon ride all at tax payer expense for saint gabby G… how did that happen – you wonder why taxes are higher and higher.. this is one nice cause – and how many flights have this boondoggle sold to date?

  2. How did Huckleberry’s salary Get ? so out of balance? Who determined his salary and why does he deserve so much in the country? The whole county is supervisors should be held accountable by an outside party. Their decisions have cost Tucson a lot without explanation of failed improvements or accountability.

  3. Pima County seems to have a problem with budget management. Salaries in this area do not support the property taxes we are already paying. Similar municipalities seem to do more with less. MANAGEMENT!!

  4. Vote them out. They have been doing this crap for years but they keep getting the votes. Does everyone have that short of memory?

    • I finally escaped the pit of Pima county. Moved to Gilbert and still cannot get over a well run town with things to do. I haven’t see a pothole yet. I grew up in this area and am amazed that even with the growth it’s still a small town feeling.

  5. A person who is associated with the BOS budget process says Ally Miller is the ONLY member of of the BOS who has asked questions regarding the budget. Interesting-guess all the others have their marching orders from the overpaid, inept County Administrator. To say this is an abomination is an understatement.

    Thank God he isn’t in charge of TEP.

    • Haha, he doesn’t need to be in charge of TEP, they are one in the same ilk, they are shooting for a increase at the commission every few months just like chuckster would, different local, same demoncat ilk involved in local politics for the D’s Like everything else here

  6. Maybe just maybe..all you Republicans will stop attacking anyone who challenges the three stooges.

    It time to stop all clammering( bs ) and get you behind new candidates.
    Who want to put the needs of the community before special interest and such.

    Let me ask all of you conservatives if you suppport the joy of Chuck being fired, investigation of his office , then only one way get it done? VOTE & SUPPORT not attack new candidates.

    Will you do this? Or will you just continue the bs status quo.

    • richard, richard why blame the repubs? It the stupid democraps that keep putting the idiots in place. As to new candidates where are they? The few that have run lost to the corrupt county politics. remember the young lady that almost beat the toad some years back? She ran a good campaign lost and then disappeared from the scene. Too bad for her and us. As you know you put a ‘d’ behind the name and that is all it takes just look at the city clowncil with the guy that pees on peoples fences. couldnt win as a d (believe or not) so ran as an r, got elected then changed party surprise surprise and he is still there. So dont blames the r’s for all this, the party does not exist here. the last r to win look what ol sleepy left a trolly folly to no where!

    • I’m not a Republican, but I’ll never be or vote for a Democrat. My dad always told me if you want to keep a penny don’t vote for a democrat. New candidates in this place get creamed because there are just too many idiots out there who either don’t vote or take the lazy way out and leave the same dunces in office for as long as those dunces want to collect a check. Instead of blaming Republicans or conservatives, maybe you should cast the blame at the lazy asses who support the status quo.

  7. Stuporvisors… do what ever you want cuz we the SALARY-PAYING public don’t count anyway. BUT don’t be surprised if some of the constituency leaves the county for greener pastures… then you can tax the hell out of the incoming Californicators who just adore taxes and stupid decisions. I moved here for the desert, not for Tucson, but I’m not SO enamored that I can’t pick up and leave.

    • Im with you…..we’re getting out of this poorly run state as soon as we can. Not only are our taxes outrageous, the supervisors are harboring illegals….

  8. BOS, SOB’S awwww schitt! Squeezing every penny we try to save, Best to rent than own anymore, but then the landlord raises the rent to pay for his tax increase. So yes, scchitt! we just can’t win in Pima Cty.

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