Teen Jihadist Text Messages Reveal Homophobia, Anti-Capitalism

"The spirit of Columbine is within me."

FOUNTAIN HILLS — The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has released the text messages from the phone of terrorism suspect Ismail Hamed. The texts reveal the young man’s intense homophobia, and loathing of western society.

Hamed had sworn allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call he made on January 7 in which he demanded to speak to an officer face-to-face. Hamed told the dispatcher, “I’d like to do something in protest for the people suffering in Palestine and in the Middle East.”

In the call, Hamed told the dispatcher that he was carrying rocks and a knife.

After a deputy responded to Hamed’s demand, Hamed began throwing the rocks at the officer and eventually drew the knife. It was as he approached the deputy with the weapon, that he was shot and wounded.

According to the recently released documents, Hamed, who was enrolled in a Scottsdale high school, also discussed engaging in acts of violence at school.

In his texts, Hamad also praised terrorist Omar Marteen, who killed dozens of people and wounded over 50 more at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Hamed used social media to spread Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda to friends. Detectives learned that on at least two occasions Hammad transmitted to a person “expressions of admiration for Mateen.” Hamed also forwarded a video from Anwar al-Awlaki in a text in which he said the video changed his life.

Al-Awlaki was a recruiter for the militant group al-Qaeda and was behind the attacks on 9/11. His videos have been used to radicalize young Muslims and justify violence.

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Detectives noted that Hamed’s parents had no idea that he was being radicalized. His father had chalked up his recent beard growth as a failure in hygiene rather than a sign that he was preparing for jihad.

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Hamed is facing one count of terrorism, and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.



  1. Gee Albert, anyone can cherry pick convenient selective data, what about the 9/11 attackers, the pulse nightclub attack, the Vaughan Foods beheading incident in Moore, Oklahoma, the fort hood attack by a trusted mental health professional, the San Bernardino shooting at the inland regional center holiday party, the Boston marathon bombing and further attacks on numerous Boston area police. There is no shortage of examples.
    All commited by who? Oh that’s right, peace loving Muslims living in the land of the great Satan taking the lethal effects of radical Islam on the road to the non believing infidels.
    So while l respect these people right up worship as they choose, they don’t tolerate others, instead they spread thier continued hate with lethal effect.
    Did I spread hate as you claim? No I think the attackers in the above incidents have that honor. But unlike you, l never suffered from liberal induced selective amnesia.
    Facts are facts Albert, how short is your memory?
    Hey, have you given any thought to the unionization of terrorist? Be right up your alley. The working conditions for suicide bombers is life threatening….

    The Oracle

  2. Timothy McVeigh was a Muslim? Second worst terrorist attack in US history — by a good old boy…just sayin — memories get short sometimes. Hate gets in the way.

  3. Just more “justified” hate and bigotry brought to us by the so called religion of peace.
    While America is not at war with Islam, America really needs to wake up to the undeniable fact that through idiots like Hamed, Islam is at war with the western world.
    While it is true that not all Muslims are terrorist, it is equally true that all terrorist are Muslims.
    Must just be an odd coincidence…

    The Oracle

    • It is false to say that ALL terrorists are Muslims. Take the Christchurch shootings for instance. Although, it is still quite notable that a vast majority ARE Muslim…

  4. Really *Hygiene BS
    As I said before Arizona has a full fledge Terrorist Group just waiting for their orders
    This punk kid was smoking a lil to much pot and got ahead of himself Rocks and a Knife
    Wonder if this kid realizes many ISIS are into Goats and are Gay
    His Parents are not paying much attention to their kid and what he is doing on the net

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