Pinal County Deputy Attempts To Stop Wrong-Way Driver

pinal county sheriff

On Friday, June 14th, 2019, a Pinal County deputy was on Hunt Highway when he noticed a wrong way driver traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Hunt Highway near Gantzel Road. The deputy was on a motorcycle and was conducting patrols as part of the Pinal County DUI Task Force. He turned around to stop the vehicle and observed the suspect’s white Chevy Tahoe was swerving and traveling at roughly 60 miles an hour. The driver then hit a car, before hitting the curb, ultimately disabling the Tahoe.

Octavio Arreola, age 29, of San Tan Valley was behind the wheel and the only person in the truck. The deputy noticed several open containers inside the vehicle. Arreola could barely get out of the truck and became combative with deputies on scene. He blew a .148 and deputies found suspected cocaine in his pant pocket.

“We are thankful those that were hit by this wrong-way driver weren’t seriously hurt,” said Sheriff Mark Lamb. “This is a perfect example of why driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is so dangerous. We are grateful for the work done by our traffic unit and the DUI task force. Their enforcement efforts are making Pinal County roadways safer.”

Arreola is facing two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous instrument (vehicle), one count of aggravated assault on a peace officer, three counts of endangerment, one count of felony criminal damage, one count of aggravated DUI while driving the wrong-way on a pubic highway, and one count of reckless driving.

Arreola was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center, then transferred to ICE.


  1. Identification of ICE as the Arizona Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency would have helped to clarify this story.

  2. NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS have become ‘News Misinformation/Disinformation Machines’. Notice, not once did the so-called journalist/writer mention the FACT the offender was an ILLEGAL ALIEN. Not once! Then again, Arizona’s biased news reporting agencies did cover their worthless butts by mentioning in the very last paragraph, almost as an afterthought, the criminal was turned over to ICE. No wonder so many uninformed people scratch their heads with a deer-in-the-headlights look when we tell them illegal aliens are a problem and they are killing/maiming U.S. citizens.

    • Being turned over to ICE doesn’t automatically mean he’s illegal. He would be turned over to ICE if he were a legal alien as well. I surmise the Pinal County Adult Detention Center was not able to legal/illegal status at the time of booking, so ADI just reported what they knew.

      You’re right, he’s probably illegal but it’s irresponsible to say that if you don’t know for sure. I still don’t know for sure if the drunk, high on heroin alien in the stolen car who killed my nephew and two other teens at 100 mph was legal or illegal, just that he was a Mexican National. I see in prison records he has an ICE hold when he gets out.

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