Arizona Corporation Commissioners Approve Emergency Rule Prevents Disconnections

PHOENIX — On Thursday, Arizona Corporation Commissioners approved emergency rules that most Arizona electric utilities from disconnecting power to customers who are late on their bills from June 1 through October 15.

Arizona Corporation Commissioners learned earlier this month that an elderly Sun City West woman, Stephanie Pullman, died after her power was disconnected on a 107-degree day last September.


The emergency rules take effect immediately.

Arizona Public Service (APS) disconnected Pullman’s power because she made a partial payment of $125 on her $176 bill.

APS suspended disconnections last Thursday, in the wake of news reports of Pullman’s death.


  1. APS and Navapache are crooks
    I am low income and dont have air or forced heat nor do I use elec heaters or fans or waste elec I use all energy light blubs etc propane stove etc still my bill has tripled in 10 yrs

    If anything I have used less elec now then before but my bill continues to go up
    New meters put in my bills now have tripled
    Crooks Greed Why dont they save money on Advertisment and with that money helped that poor woman out ?
    They pay millions to politians lunchs advertisments etc but could not help this now dead old lady
    Shame on them
    Wish solor would put them out of bussines.
    Phx should not depend on them.
    Free Sun in Az Use it to your advantage even solor costs to much to buy
    Wheres all these Green Dems folks helping with getting solor at a price the low income family can afford ??

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