Gosar: Trump’s “Heart In The Right Place” In ICE Raid Delay


On Saturday, President Donald Trump delayed the deportations of illegal aliens, who remain in the U.S. despite having been ordered to be removed. Trump said he had made the move at the request of Democrats.

Not everyone was as hopeful as Pelosi. Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted out that the president’s “heart is in the right place. But this will likely result in nothing but bluster from Democrats for amnesty amnesty amnesty with no immigration reforms.

Pelosi reportedly called Trump on Friday and urged him to call off the raids, according to Fox News.

ICE as a matter of policy did “not offer specific details related to enforcement operations,” but stated that it prioritizes arresting and removing those illegal immigrants “who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security.”


Last week, the president praised Mexico and Guatemala while complaining that “the only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress.” The president was referring to the continuing humanitarian crisis as migrants pour across the southern border.


  1. Pelosi is a pill Headaches she causes
    She bitchs about these children at the border But not the Children in Calif living on the
    Streets in Calif They are the ones that sleep on dirty concrete
    Sleep amoung child molesters drugs etc
    Wish ADI would do a story on Homeless Children on the streets in San Fransico & everywhere else in America
    Screw Her whinning about border kids
    Look at her home state for child negelect Shame on her
    Homeless people with kids should Call her out on this
    A O C should also mention her homeless in tent Cities shitting on sidewalks
    At the border those kids get food
    They are safe clean etc
    Americans need to Rise and finally put these mounthy Dems in their Place

  2. Keep in mind that the delay does not mean regular raids will not take place. So ICE will still be out there and taking these illegals off the streets

  3. Delay only gives the ones who know they are going to be picked up two weeks to pack their junk and hide-out somewhere else. I think un-announced raids are the best. Head ’em up…. move ’em out.

  4. I read where they were picking up people in Phoenix-Mesa yesterday. YIPPEE! Keep it up. I’m tired of paying for aliens. Get out there Deplorables and work for a candidate that supports PDJT’s agenda. I’m on board with Brandon Martin CD2. The primary is where WE pick our candidates unless the Republican “elite” pick another loser and send $700K to elect her in the primary. Hopefully this election the NRCC will choose a winner that can beat Kirkpatrick. Come and help us all you can.

  5. Good move in delaying the ICE raids. What it does is it allows ICE to plan out more sweeping raids in more places. That means even more illegal aliens can be rounded up and deported. If your here illegally then you better be prepared to be hunted down by ICE. Yes they are coming and you will not see them coming to get you. That is a fact. Your sanctuary cities will not be able to protect you.

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