Parents, Educators Fill School Board Meeting, Hoffman Punts On Sex Ed Changes

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Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman stunned supporters when she was unwilling to make a motion to pass her own Sex Education agenda item at the State Board of education meeting on Monday. Hoffman’s move came after nearly four hours of speeches in opposition to her proposal.

Parents, educators, politicians came from across the state to fill the boardroom and two overflow rooms to address their concerns with Hoffman’s proposed amendment to R7-2-303 (AZ Sex Ed rule).

Approximately 40 attendees spoke against Hoffman’s plan, while approximately 8 spoke in favor.

In her comments to the Board, Hoffman’s predecessor, former Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas explained that Hoffman had manipulated the rule making process.

“Ms. Hoffman received GLSEN’S recommendation for “medically & scientifically accurate” language on April 29th while rulemaking was open, but she withheld that information. With rulemaking closed their language has been inserted giving priority status to her “most favored organization” over every concerned parent sitting in this room. It is one thing for staff to suggest language due to statutory change, but this is very different.”

GLSEN (pronounced glisten), describes itself as a global movement that champions “LGBT issues in K-12 education.” GLSEN claims that it offers “medically and scientifically accurate Sex Education.”

“Your duty is to put rules in place that protect not pervert our children’s innocence,” concluded Douglas. “Kids can’t learn when afraid – like the 8-year-old in Oregon whose teacher tried to transition him. Opening the door to “comprehensive Sex Ed is not the way. There is NO safe sex for kids. Please do not open this rule especially with language that has been added outside the rulemaking process.”

In an interview on the James T. Harris show, Kathleen Winn, an expert in child sex trafficking and a member of the Maricopa County Community College Board discussed the subject before the board. She explained the potential harmful effects of any curriculum that sexualizes young children:

After listening to the public, Board member Armando Ruiz began the dissent by saying he could not support Hoffman’s agenda and it soon became clear that she did not have the support of the board.

Board president Lucas Narducci asked Hoffman if she would want to make a motion in support of her agenda item, but it was clear that he certainly would not support that motion. When Hoffman declined, gasps could be heard as opponents realized that they had prevailed.

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