There is No Such Thing as “Safe” Sex for Kids 3.0

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My favorite Independence Day movie is 1776, the light-hearted musical about the writing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence. I have watched it every year on July 4th since I can’t remember when.

At one point in the song But, Mr. Adams John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are arguing about who should write the Declaration. When Jefferson laments missing his wife Adams admonishes him that “… life is more than sexual combustibility.” And that hits the nail on the head of exactly what is wrong with Comprehensive Sexual Education as many want it taught in our schools, to our children. It is about teaching impressionable children that satisfying oneself physically is more important than, well, anything – sexual combustibility equals happiness; happiness equals sexual combustibility.

Much has been made of my Facebook comment mistaking the pastel “transgender” flag that hung briefly from the balcony of the Capitol building for one which may have been incorrectly identified as a pedophilia or MAPs/NOMAPs (Minor Attracted Persons/Non-Offending Minor Attracted Persons) flag.

I’ve sincerely apologized for my mistake, multiple times, in the same venue in which the incorrect information was posted. Regrettably correcting inaccurate information and admitting one’s mistake does not appear to be sufficient for the “inclusive” crowd and their accomplices in the MSM – but I digress. And while I may be wrong about the origins of the flag, I am not wrong about the efforts to sexualize our children.

To be perfectly clear  ̶  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I don’t care how consenting adults choose to privately express their sexual inclinations – that is until it crosses the line and impacts the innocence of our children.

Appearing to disavow her efforts to bring Comprehensive Sexual Education into AZ schools, Kathy Hoffman is quoted that she merely wanted “a practical policy change that removed outdated language and modernizes it so that all students in Arizona have the comprehensive information” (emphasis mine). The modernized language she had inserted into R7-2-303 (while the rulemaking process was closed to changes) only required that sex education be “medically and scientifically accurate.”

For 70 years what is and has been accepted and cited as “medically and scientifically accurate” sexual information is the work of Alfred C. Kinsey and the Kinsey Institute.

Kinsey’s work can neither be deemed “medically or scientifically accurate” nor even rise to the level of pseudo science; rather as it relates to children it was nothing more than sexual abuse masquerading under the protective cloak of “science.” Kinsey’s “work” was an effort to “prove,” through nothing less than torture, that children are sexual from birth; that adult sex with children is normal and enjoyable for children – including infants (Table 34, Pg 180, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, Alfred C. Kinsey; Pgs 163-192 document the sexual (abuse) “research” of pre-adolescent and adolescent children).

Comprehensive Sex Education is the creation of SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States – a creation of the Kinsey Institute with money from Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame) and their partners at Planned Parenthood based on the sexual “research” of Kinsey.

Let that sink in. Kinsey’s sexual escapades, disguised as “experiments,” and child abuse defined and the largest abortion provider with the support of the pornography industry designed “medically and scientifically accurate” sex education for our children. There is a clear connection between Kinsey’s efforts to normalize all sex (pedophilia and incest included) and the resulting Comprehensive Sexual Education being brought into schools all across the country and around the world.

In 2018 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) updated its International Guidance on Sexuality Education, with input from Planned Parenthood and its many affiliates worldwide, to be taught to every child, in every classroom, in every member nation.

The guide is primarily targeted at school age children. It redefines abstinence and ways for children to experience sexual pleasure without risking pregnancy or STDs is deemed abstinence. It assures us that “most experts believe that children and young people want and need sexuality and sexual health information as early and comprehensively as possible(all emphasis mine) – exactly as Kinsey advocated.

Since Kinsey promiscuous sex, divorce rates and single parent households have skyrocketed. Thanks to the agendas advanced by Kinsey, Hugh Hefner and their ilk virtually any mention of “love,” “marriage,” “family,”  “commitment” and “monogamy” is omitted from sex education. It is about little more than physical fulfillment and sexual mechanics of all kinds under the guise of teaching acceptance and tolerance.

This is witnessed by the fact that in their lawsuit Equality AZ demanded that the State Board of Ed strike from R7-2-303 Sex Education the phrase “Promote honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage.” If not an assault on the family, regardless of the type of monogamous marriage, why wouldn’t merely striking the word “heterosexual” have sufficed?

It seems whenever the discussion of sex education arises there are always those who argue that “if you want your child taught abstinence – teach it at home.” How about that those who think their – and by extension all – MINOR CHILD(REN) should be taught that anal/oral sex and mutual masturbation are abstinence options or 10 year old girls be taught how to put a condom on a model penis or about dental dams or fisting or any number of other sexual tools or practices that all of that be taught at home? And spare me the “parents can opt their children in or out” argument until the day that every single school, in every single district throughout our state discloses clearly and explicitly to parents the sexual content to which their children will be exposed – prior to exposure.

Comprehensive Sex Education is designed to break down their natural barriers and inhibitions leaving impressionable, emotionally immature and impulsive children vulnerable and open to sexual experiences and exploration.  And that is exactly how the “medically and scientifically accurate” “comprehensive information” being pushed by Kathy Hoffman and GLSEN et al. leads to kids becoming susceptible to, maybe even accepting of, the sexual advances of adults. Sadly, one needs look no further than the State Board of Ed disciplinary actions each and every month to see numerous examples of adults taking sexual advantage of our children.

Confusing a flag or whether or not the flag may or may not be an “internet hoax” is a diversion, not the issue.  The real issue is about protecting our precious children from those, some of whom who do not have children, who wish to destroy childhood and innocence by substituting themselves and their beliefs into the role of the parent and sexualizing our children beginning as early as Kindergarten.

Our children can and should be taught to be respectful and considerate of each other without sexual practices or proclivity entering into the discussion. Because life is and relationships are about so much more than Mr. Adam’s sexual combustibility and there is no such thing as safe sex for children.


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