America, Who Are We Now?

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In the waterways coming into New York Harbor stands the Statue of Liberty. It welcomes all immigrants seeking a better life.

So, why are we keeping, infants, children and mothers (parents) in internment camps?

Hitler started this way in Nazi Germany. As a History teacher from Brooklyn, NY, I am now ashamed of the United States. We were once thought of as the greatest country in the world.

Hitler started with internment camps, then moved people to detention camps and finally concentration camps which eventually became death camps.

Where were the German people? Right where America is now. Every Congressional Representative regardless of political party should visit the Trump  internment camps and explain why all children are separated from family and put in there? Are they being punished for being bad boys and girls?

America, where is our outrage? Many of us are thankful that our grandparents were not treated this way why they sailed NY and landed in Ellis Island searching for a better life.

What do our former Allies think about us? The American people who came to their aid in their countries to stop Hitler’s plan to take over the world?

What do our Allies think of the new America headed by Donald Trump? A boorish man who insults and demeans prominent world leaders elected by the people who oversee free countries and he cozies up with Dictators whose people live under an iron rule? Is Trump grooming us for his vision as our dictator? He has already said he thinks he deserves 6 years for his first term because it was hard for him and that he would challenge the 2 term rule for Presidents. America I hope you are listening and paying attention, not just ignoring him as an eccentric and making excuses for him. He does have a plan.

Can our Allies trust us as Trump has a tantrum and puts tariffs on countries when they displease him? Who are our allies today after Trump’s demolishing our years of diplomacy?

How can we tell our children that it is okay to hurt and punish children with interment camps separated from their parents just because Trump wants to make a statement to refugees who are sacrificing their lives to flee from places that are no longer safe for their families?

Please keep this in mind from Pastor Martin Niemollen

“First, the Nazi soldiers came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.

Then, they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then, they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then, they came for me and there was no one left to speak to for me.”

Tucson has been an example for the world as they have set up asylum facilities for refugees awaiting adjudication in churches, community centers, vacant building, private homes etc.

Most of us are sitting on the sidelines watching. I wonder when Trump is going to come for us because he does not like our affiliations, politics or comments. Or will he just declare himself “Supreme Leader” with an executive order?  Pay attention America. With every executive order that he puts upon us with no challenge from Congress, he is testing the waters. He has a plan.

America, just who are we now?

Editor’s Note: An Arizona Daily Independent reporter was one of the first journalists to witness children in cages during the Obama administration. Unfortunately, there are still those out there who choose to believe that the caging of children began with the Trump administration.

About Ira Marks 1 Article
Ira is retired in southern Arizona, but remains active in progressive political causes.


  1. Did people climb the fence to get into the German camps? Could they voluntarily go home? Is the border patrol going to central america and forcing people in to the american “camps”. I don’t think so.

  2. So you’re from Brooklyn, huh? Then what the heck are you doing in Arizona?

    One of your biggest issues, along with much of the United States, is your overt (progressive) nationalism. It’s a top-down system over an entire continent in which any views that differ from Brooklyn’s politics are completely *intolerable*.
    You cannot comprehend the idea that different regions; different states, might have differing political and social cultures. Both left and right fall into this trap.
    America is most certainly *not* ‘one people.’ That should be obvious. So why do you insist on referring to the United States as a singular entity rather than plural?

  3. This is ignorant on it’s face. In internment camps and concentration camps, people were not allowed to leave. And in the German concentration camps, they were put to death. In our illegal immigrant detention facilities, people are held for a short time, then after they are processed, they are allowed to leave. Actually though, they can leave at any time, if they want to go back home. Which, as I understand it, many are choosing to do now. To call these temporary detention facilities internment camps and concentration camps is flat out ignorant and insulting to the people who were forced to stay in the real thing and be killed. We grow weary and scoff at your ignorance.

  4. Why was it ok to bring up President Bush’s past when he was President?
    There is no immunity for Obama, he actually imprisoned and deported more illegals, he caged children as a matter of policy.
    As an American citizen I felt we were living in Nazi Germany under obama, and believe to be more free today under President Trump.
    We should look into Obama and critique his administration so that we do not repeat his wrong doing. No one is above the law and no one is immune from their past, that’s what we call history.

  5. The Nazi camps were death camps, where because of one’s race, the Jews and others were starved, tortured, used for medical experiments, and gassed. They also were not allowed to leave. You cheapen the Holocaust and evil with your politically motivated nonsense.

  6. Thank you, Jo-Ann, for some rational thought. And Dear Editor, Obama is not our president these days, hasn’t been for years now, and many of us opposed him on this (and other issues) as well. There seems little point in revisiting that past while Trump’s outrages are happening today. Invoking Obama is a diversion.

    • Comparing Trump to Hitler and United States of America to Nazi Germany is so wrong in so many ways that is just proves ignorance is alive and well.

        • Again, another that has chosen to suspend fact and reason in favor of drama and self-indulgent emotion based labeling. Or perhaps just a Russian bot intended to to divide American citizens.

  7. Fake news, Trump is actually trying to keep the families together. Just need to make sure they are family.

  8. So, why are we keeping, infants, children and mothers (parents) in internment camps?
    Because Obama created them to handle the influx of illegal immigrants flooding into our country during his administration. The reason children are separated from parents is the law. When an adult with a child breaks the law they are separated. Do you want the children to be incarcerated with adults?
    As for how you feel about the United States, I am not surprised. What does surprise me as why so many that hate America still want to stay here? America is so great that even those who hate her want to stay. MAGA

  9. Perhaps the fundamental flaw in this sad and uneducated view can be understood after reading the 2nd line of the third paragraph. A history teacher from the East Coast can hardly be expected to possess analytical reasoning capabilities. Clearly the argument is based on a total lack of knowledge of history,of facts of the lawful, temporary detention required by existing law, and actually facts of the immigration history of the United States. A pathetic abandonment of reason in favor of drama and self-indulgent emotional rant. Any wonder US kids are increasingly incompetent with this level of teaching experience.

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