Democrats Use Racism Allegations To Advance Open Borders

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) camera catches images of the open border. [Photo courtesy CBP]

House Republicans were right to reject the Democrats’ hypocritical attempt to bully them into condemning President Trump, but not just because the underlying accusations of presidential racism are patently ridiculous.

Once again, Democrats are trying to manipulate America’s innate abhorrence of racism to covertly advance their radical political agenda. Couched within the language of the recent House Resolution attacking President Trump lies a ringing endorsement of open borders that four lonely, gullible Republicans let themselves be snookered into supporting. Every other GOP representative stood firmly against this fairly predictable tactic.

An examination of the text of the resolution demonstrates their deception. After a smattering of quotes from past American heroes ripped completely out of context to imply that rejection of an open-borders immigration policy is anti-American, the resolution firmly endorses the very policies that have created the current crisis on our southern border — and it does so using the same hackneyed talking points that Democrats use every day in an effort to justify their refusal to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Specifically, the resolution expresses the House’s “commitment” to maintaining our weak asylum policies at a time when they’re subject to rampant fraud and abuse. Despite the ongoing humanitarian and national security crisis at the border, which is fueled in large part by the glaring loopholes in our asylum system, Democrats want to double down on our broken refugee and asylums laws. Those who stand in their way can expect to be called racists and white supremacists.

Allowing the current situation to continue would only perpetuate the crime, violence, and carnage that criminal illegal aliens, including MS-13 members, are already visiting upon American communities from coast to coast. Weak asylum laws are also creating a booming business for human smugglers and sex-traffickers, who thrive on exploiting the economic migrants thronging to our border in anticipation of easy entree into America.

President Trump has fought tooth and nail to stop the crisis, and he has achieved real victories, such as convincing Mexico to harbor migrants while their asylum claims are processed, deploy thousands of National Guard troops to control illegal immigration along its own borders, and even offer Central American migrants asylum in Mexico so that they don’t have to continue on the U.S.

Most recently, the Trump administration announced new rules for processing asylum claims, using existing law to dramatically tighten the requirements for asylum seekers. Most importantly, the revised rules are designed to prevent “forum shopping,” whereby illegal immigrants pass through one or more safe countries in order to claim asylum in the United States.

In response to the President’s successes, Democrats have ramped up their accusations of racism in an attempt to pressure Republicans into submission.

But the Grand Old Party must stand strong — and with only four exceptions, that’s exactly what House Republicans did in the face of the latest onslaught from Nancy Pelosi and the radical freshmen in the House Democrat caucus. This wasn’t just about defending the President from baseless attacks; it was also about standing on principle and refusing to let the left bully Republicans into endorsing policies that go against everything they believe.

Harlan Hill is a political advisor, media commentator, and an advisory board member of the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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Harlan Hill is a political advisor, media commentator, and an advisory board member of the Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


  1. I’m 63 years old and as far back as I can remember Democrats used some kind of attack to advance some noble cause. They will never stop using this tactic because they don’t have the truth or a good policy idea. All they have is the addiction to power.

  2. Let me tell you my experience with racism, I was born and raised here in Tucson and one thing I experienced is the racist behavior of illegal aliens. They have always been rude to the Hispanics born here.
    Oh I am not saying every single one of them or that all native born Hispanics experienced. It’s like they resented us and what we had.
    I understand that to them even our poor had more than they did, but that is no reason to act the way they did. Even their kids were resentful toward us.
    If anyone is racist it’s Illegal aliens.

  3. What do the democrats offer America as a choice?
    Fake Racism, Fake Patriotism, Fake News, Fake Climate Findings, Fake Justice, Fake Security, and Fake Outrage.
    Please add to the list.

    • Don’t forget the hate, violence and the first time there has NOT been a peaceful transition of administrations in our history. Thanks Obama, Clintons, McCain and other Rino globalist, Draining that swamp is tough work and we need congressmen to help PDJT’s agenda of securing the border. I’m working for Brandon Martin in CD2. Please check him out an come join us. We’ve got to have our President’s back and Brandon will be a great Rep.

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