Barrett: Has The Political Tide Turned?

Arizona capitol

Do the recent events at the historic State Capitol show a change in the political tide? Good or bad is dependent totally on whether you’re a “D” or an “R”. The numbers each party is fighting for change is only two, yes 2! The number needed to swing control of the Capitol in 2020. Now it is time to ask, will the events that occurred as displayed have the desired effect for one side more than another? Or seal a fate of doom? Only the voters can answer that question.

The Arizona State Board of Education on June 24, 2019 held a hearing and unveiled by public comments there was a letter dated May 15th, 2019. The letter was from Senator Martin J. Quezada to Superintendent Instruction Kathy Hoffman. In the letter Senator Quezada stated, “that we can and should go further by adopting a more comprehensive version that has been discussed and agreed on by a large group of stakeholder organizations that also worked to repeal the no promo homo law.”

The Senator Quezada it should be noted did not appear for the Education hearing. The hearing attendance required three additional overflow rooms. The initial speakers were Senator Sylvia Allen, Representative Kelly Townsend, Representative Walter Blackman, former Superintendent of Instruction Diane Douglas. The results the Board made no motion. The ruling sent back to the Legislators.

Catherine Barrett is an Arizona Master Teacher. You can find her on Twitter @ReadersLeadPD.

Days later, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs set a state precedent by placing a gay pride flag on the office balcony of the historic state Capitol building. Her immediate comment was she said it was an Arizona first. Photos of the flags hanging hit social media websites like wildfire. Videos appeared on Twitter, Facebook and soon boomeranged to Instagram of this historic first. Next came the Arizona Legislative Council removing the Gay Pride flag along with a transgender pride flag that soon joined the first. One of the many social media responders was Purple for Parents raising questions to many of the elected officials.

Is this the turning of the tide for 2020?


  1. Gov Ducey stood up to Nike
    I give him Credit for that
    But he has to STAND UP and Grow bigger balls and really Help the State of Az And its American people
    He holds power he dosent use
    He could be helping at the border
    he could be doing what the Job intails but he his not, Why ?

    No balls Ducey,,what is he afraid of?

    Plus this wording Historic event( about the flag) No it wasnt
    It was a stupid event. It wont and should never be in history
    Words ADI use in this story
    Amaze me

  2. the tide is turning evil. we are looking at an all out attempt to destroy the U.S.A as we know it todah. the RINOs are in bed with it all. McCain sold AZ out more than once. Even if Gov. Ducey took a stance aginst what Nike did with the shoes, he doesnt have enough cuts to stand aginst the evil tide turning schools into a place to take the innocence of all children away from them. So the tide its turning but its not where you would normally think.

  3. The purpose of the article is to make the taxpayers, the people, think. As you state 30 years and one party locked into group think has to change. The other party using and stating publicly “social warfare” is a way to resolve issues.

    Now I ask respectfully,is either way the correct way?

  4. Arizona has been RINO (Republican in Name Only) State since Goldwater. Even the Goldwater Institute is so watered down that I am not sure if it is a Conservative Think Tank anymore.

    For the past 30 years the AZGOP has been run by Democrats posing as Republicans. So when you say the “tide is turning”, which way are you saying that we are turning?

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