Ducey Expected To Renew Gun Control Plan In Response To El Paso, Dayton Shootings

doug ducey
Governor Doug Ducey

PHOENIX – Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has earned praise and reignited controversy by once again expressing his support for Red Flag laws that proponents argue are common-sense measures to keep guns out of the hands of those who are mentally unfit, and that opponents consider to be nothing more than gun control. Ducey’s previous effort to pass such a law was blocked by the State Legislature in 2018.

According to Capitol Media Services, Ducey hopes to reintroduce the Red Flag law that creates STOPs (Severe Threat Order of Protection). “I’m disappointed we haven’t gotten more done on school safety,” Ducey told Capitol Media Services last week. “I definitely think more needs to be done.”

On Sunday, Ducey’s plan was praised by The Next Revolution host Steve Hilton. Hilton isn’t the only one who likes STOP. President Trump’s daughter Ivanka endorsed it on Sunday as well.

In March 2018, the Trump Administration called on every state to enact Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Trump also directed the Department of Justice to provide technical assistance to states that sought help establishing and implementing Extreme Risk Protection Orders. The bills have enjoyed unique support from both sides of the usual debate, including from both the National Rifle Association and the Giffords Law Center.

Ducey described his STOP plan as the “crown jewel” of his safe schools plan.

Not everyone supports the idea however. Local 2nd Amendment rights groups oppose them as unnecessary and Breitbart.com printed a column that claimed Ducey’s “media and communications wing is using Never Trumper David French to justify the Governor’s current gun control push.”

In his January 2019 State-of-the-State speech, Ducey cited French and “local organizations like the Arizona School Boards Association, the Arizona Rural Schools Association, the Arizona Parent Teacher Association and Arizona School Administrators” as supporters of his plan. At the time, Ducey said that the issue was “simply too important an issue to let partisan politics and special interests get in the way.”

Conservatives fear that Ducey will exploit the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend to shame legislators into accepting his plan now, and that the support of the NRA and potentially the White House may result in passage over their sincere objections.



  1. This is the first time I remember of NOT having a peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another – thanks Obama, Hillary & the deep state, including McCain. Thank God we have PDJT who is trying to drain the swamp that have been run by corrupt professional politicians, bureaucrats, bankers,and unions for too long.

  2. Malls are soft targets – schools have entry points – airports have same, why not malls? This type of terror is a daily fact of life in Israel – we should learn from what that country does in control of these events. I say ‘control’ but control will not be… evil is what this is.. evil is growing in this nation – it is the time in which we live. God Bless America – God Bless Israel.

  3. This is all about the need to “do something” but won’t do anything to stop the senseless killings. Why is it the same knee jerk reaction every time? Democratic candidates blame President Trump to get into the white house and scream Gun Control. This is why the democrats are not fit to lead.

  4. First of all not every person with mental health issues desire to kill people! You really need to check if they are on medication that causes this. Some people have been driven to murder on these meds in the past. Second, it is NOT WHITE NATIONAL GROUPS causing this. It is the anger in the hearts of those people who pulled the trigger!! Only God can heal a hurt heart. The gun did not pick itself up and pull the trigger. How stupid are you Gov. Ducey and Martha McSally. Forget about your own political aspirations.

  5. Hopelessness has become a cottage industry. It can start as a young child with the wrong type of parents. The public schools generated more hopelessness as they have promoted global warming and actually told students that “we will have to live on another planet.” How does a kid process this? Video games, drugs and alcohol. ADHD drugs are modifying behavior and that may not be good.

    The confused messages by politicians and the media drive these young adults to give up. For some suicide just isn’t enough. They attempt to bring hopelessness to others.

  6. Thank you ADI for this story. Ducey’s ‘red flag’ plan must be – excuse the pun – shot down. Legislators should not be mislead by the left’s usage of any tragedy like these murders, to advance their agenda. an agenda that can punish the law-abiding.
    And speaking of these murders, readers shouldn’t believe the narrative being promulgated by the “old line media”. Read Mike Adams/natural news report (https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-08-04-bombshell-mass-shooting-events-fbi-plots.html), on how the fbi -may- be involved in these terror plots. Sobering reading.
    And there’s also a video out, with eyewitnesses noting they saw 4 shooters, dressed in black, going thru the WalMart store.
    I’m just saying > there’s much more here, than we’re being told, by the agenda-driven leftists.

  7. The Ku Klux Klan hoped to raise enough money to build a “modern city” in Africa to send African Americans to. Those that chose not to go would become non-citizens. Does that make them “separate but equal” haters? Oh yeah, those lynchings and cross burnings, well, just a way to work off the anger and hate. Part of that “normal trend to tribalism,” I suppose. Especially when the US president spouts off and tweets and crowd chants words that the haters find supportive.

    I just do not understand anyone trying to justify the slaughter and spread the blame on everyone else. I do not want to read racist manifestoes, nor do I want to read presumably intelligent people trying to justify them. Sorry — white racism was driven underground for awhile by the rise of the civil rights movement and new laws, but has been unleashed with a vengeance by a president who might himself not be allowed to buy a gun if a “red flag” law were in place.

    With Trump undoing years of legislative work by executive order, and the GOP Senate refusing to act on a host of House-passed legislation, including expanded background checks; with that tax cut wiped out for the middle and working classes by Trump’s trade wars; with Trump’s continuous denigration of Latinos, women and African Americans (and Baltimore, where Jared Kushner is a slumlord!); with politicians so beholden to Big Pharma so that Americans pay ten times what Canadians do for the same products — I am among those who feel my country has left me. But I am not going out to kill innocent people, or kill anyone. I’ll continue to work for change, to pass the Outlaw Dirty Money initiative, and to elect leaders who — at least for awhile — will be responsive to the voters and work in the best interests of us “at the lower end of the financial spectrum.” I’m an independent, BTW, but in 2020 it’s going to be Anyone But Trump.

    • Abortions Albert, how many are OK for you? More deaths by abortions every year than gun deaths. Your rants are revealing, trying to pin this on Trump is ridiculous. By the way both shooters were not Trump Supporters. White Nationalists are a smaller number than the LGBT crowd.
      The same KKK that was used by the Democrats to strike terror in the Black communities in the South? The new KKK of the dem party are the so called antifas, now wearing black robes, instead of white ones.
      The same executive orders that Obama used were OK with you though right?
      There is more hate coming from the left by far.

    • Again another divisive emotional rant absent reason and rational thought. Albert, you have established yourself quite well,no need to continue to do so.

  8. Thanks Bryan for your comment, extremely well put. The Gov is looking for a way to pass some sort of gun legislation in this state just so he can say he did it. No matter what it is or how much it “infringes” on the rights of the gun owners, after all the Gov has higher ambitions and passing new gun laws in the State of Arizona would be a very big feather in his bonnet. What he is proposing would do nothing to help anyone or anything.

  9. The sad part are these laws leave gun owners open to false accusations. Just make sure that if they turn out to be false, the gun owner gets their guns back with no fees and the accuser goes to jail.

  10. Pass gun control due to an emotional response to tragedy. Never take the time to realize that if the proposed law were in place it would not have stopped either tragedy.

    It’s all about looking and feeling good about themselves because they’ve, “Done” something. Ducey is just as psychologically fragile as the rest of the governors. They don’t want to accept what is happening and why. Perhaps every governor and federal leader should read every single word of the El Paso shooter’s manifesto. You could read all the manifesto’s of these shooters and come away with a common theme. Surely some of them are schizophrenic. But many are not. They are situational crazy. They were mentally fragile and circumstances drove them over the edge. We call them, “losers” as a self protection not as a cure for the problem.

    Many are quite lucid in the why. Once you read them you will see a couple important things. Their version of racism is distinctly different than what most people understand as White Supremacy. No matter the reader’s ethnicity they will see a little bit of themselves in the ideas. That’s important to stopping it’s corrosive ideology. These racists are not people who wear bed sheets and hate all blacks and Jews. They are separate but equal haters. They have taken a normal trend to tribalism in times of uncertainty and turned it into warfare to make themselves feel better.

    More importantly, this madman told us quite clearly his source of anger and hate. To him it was based on hopelessness. Essentially he didn’t see a way forward. He didn’t leave his country, his country had left him. If he was just one isolated, “loser” then we could write him off as just another nut. But if you get out of your comfort zone and start talking to people at the low end of the financial spectrum you will see that most believe the same as the El Paso shooter. That is true no matter their ethnicity. How exactly will your laws fix that?

    • Hey Bryan, I read the El Paso manifesto also and yes I did see a little bit of myself in his writing. There is a hopeless attitude in this country. We are sharply divided with one side using violence like antifa and other such orgs. that want change and they want it now and if you don’t agree, then the devil with you.
      That’s just their attitude and I believe it stems from many attitudes in Congress,the big C.
      Like attack people who don’t believe as you do, chase them from
      restaurants or shops, harass them and give out their address at home.
      It has become a battle ground. And it all started when President Trump was elected. Strange behavior from the people we elect and think are responsible enough to handle things for us. US.
      I condemn both Ohio and Texas shooters, that is no way to solve anything, and their antifa-like behavior is frightening to me and others.
      I am against illegal immigration but don’t believe violence is the answer not toward them or Ice. I saw how much of what the El Paso manifesto stated coincided with my thoughts too. The environment, the over population danger to our country in regards to housing and employment. I do believe in Americans first, I make no bones about that. My children and grandchildren are all American citizens, my great grand child is the eighth generation born in Tucson, they must come first. I’m sure most American citizens feel the same way, and those that don’t well you give up your seat at the table that’s your business just don’t inject it into mine.

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