Phoenix Expected To Be Among Top Political Revenue Markets

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An estimated $6.55 billion will be spent in local political advertising in 2020 with Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Philadelphia the three top local political revenue generating markets.

BIA Advisory Services forecasts that over-the-air (OTA) television will earn the majority of the ad spend (47 percent) at $3.08 billion. Online/digital outlets will receive $1.37 billion (21 percent), while $919 million (14.0 percent) will be spent on multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) and just over $312 million (4.8 percent) for Radio. The balance will go to other media.

In each market, TV OTA will receive more than $130 million in advertising with online/digital ad spend getting over 25% of the total spend. Direct mail, normally a dominant medium in other categories, will only capture a small percentage of market spend in general.

“It’s going to be a very interesting political year where some very large markets will not see much in political advertising while some small markets will see an extraordinary amount of advertising due to competitive Gubernatorial, Senate and House races along with the Presidential election,” said Mark Fratrik, Chief Economist for BIA Advisory Services. “Campaigns will continue to rely on television as a dominant platform for advertising while supplementing with digital advertising across mobile and desktop.”

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  1. Hurray… more annoying political commercials that lie in your face and run on forever and ever an ever amen. I wasn’t ever so happy to see a “Paint King” commercial or some lawyer gabfest commercial as when the political ads quit running after the last election.

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