Angel Dad Steve Ronnebeck Announces Congressional District 3 Run

steve ronnebeck
Angel dad Steve Ronnebeck announces Congressional District 3 candidacy in Tucson on Tuesday.

On Tuesday morning, Steve Ronnebeck announced his candidacy for Congressional District 3 outside the Pima County Juvenile detention facility-turned migrant shelter. Ronnebeck was joined by fellow Angel parents and grandparents, Mary Ann Mendoza, Laura Basurto, and Carrie Turner-Utz.

Despite the intense summer heat, Ronnebeck was surrounded by numerous friends, family, and supporters from Pima, Maricopa, and Santa Cruz counties, as he laid out his plans to fight for safe communities and border security.

Ronnebeck began the event with a moment of silence for those lost in the shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Ronnebeck gave an overview of his platform which includes protection of our children, border security, much needed jobs for the hard-pressed resident of Congressional District 3 (CD3), and his willingness to work with anyone who is “truly willing to get work done.”

Ronnebeck, a Republican, drew a clear distinction and CD3 incumbent Representative Raul Grijalva (D). Ronnebeck stated he “believes in term limits, not career politicians.”
Ronnebeck went on the attack against Grijalva by addressing him as the “Cartel Congressman.” Ronnebeck citied Grijalva’s record of inaction on behalf of the residents of the fifth poorest metropolitan area in the U.S.

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Unlike much of the rest of the country, CD3 has not experienced a recovery from the recession. In fact, Grijalva’s district was already experiencing economic hardship when the recession hit due to Grijalva’s call for a boycott of Arizona. At the time, Grijalva was protesting an immigration enforcement law passed by the Arizona Legislature.

Grijalva’s boycott hit the tourism industry hardest. That industry, which relies low wage paid immigrant workers was devastated, and Grijalva’s boycott backfired by forcing Mexican migrant workers back to their country of origin for work.

Ronnebeck also addressed the needs for quality education to insure the “improve the District (CD3) as a whole.”

As a victim of a crime, Ronnebeck spoke passionately about the need for increased support of law enforcement.

Ronnebeck, the father of Grant Ronnebeck, who was murdered by an illegal immigrant on January 22, 2015 while working as a clerk at a Valley QuickTrip, sharply pointed out Grijalva’s record of anti-law enforcement bias.

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