Drug Dog Discovers 207 Packages of Meth In Tucson Woman’s SUV

Officers removed more than 200 packages of meth from a smuggling vehicle. [Photo courtesy CBP]

TUCSON – U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered 227 pounds of meth hidden in a vehicle driven by a 31-year-old woman from Tucson early Saturday morning at the I-19 immigration checkpoint north of Nogales.

Border Patrol agents, working the Tucson Sector, referred a Toyota Sequoia for inspection just after 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning after a Border Patrol canine alerted to the vehicle. The dog’s nose led agents to 207 packages of meth hidden in the doors, quarter panels, floor compartments, and the spare tire, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Agents arrested the woman and her vehicle and narcotics were seized.

The woman, drugs, and the SUV were turned over to ICE Homeland Security Investigations for further processing and investigation.

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  1. Seems like alot of Deadly Drug Dealers live in Tuscon
    As said before Must have hugh connections to the Drug MAKERS in Mexico
    Money Money
    I really hate to put doen LE officers But if you feel the Police cheif has done wrong
    Make a report against Him to the Az Attorneys Office ?
    Or ck your States Abudsman office
    Or your GOV Write letters of concern
    Ck the State Stautes see if your Mayor and City officials Police Cheif is doing anythibg wrong
    Gov. LUCEY Ducey surly could and should be concerned about his State and Every single person living in Tuscon Get a report of illegal drugs coming from Tuscon
    Do something If You want change
    See if there is a law on Police respond time See if laws the police Cheif are breaking
    Ask the Police how they feel about their jobs etc

    Thank you Border Patrol
    And your good sniffing dog
    Keep Meth out of Az

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