Local 12 News Political Reporter Goes “All Nazi” In Attacks On AZGOP

Brahm Resnik
An enthusiastic Brahm Resnik reports from a Hillary Clinton rally.

12 News political reporter, and host of the Sunday Square Off program, Brahm Resnik, launched a full broadside attack on the Arizona Republican Party for a tweet the Party put out, urging unity in these emotional and divided times.  Under the text of “One people. One land. One Arizona.” the Party wrote that We’re All In This Together.”

Resnick quickly attacked the tweet as Nazi-esque propaganda, tweeting:

Resnik deleted his tweet late Sunday night after political strategist Constantin Querard pointed out the perils of parsing. [Screen shot of Resnik’s original tweet]
Although a certain number of his followers were quick to cheer his tying Republicans to Nazis, or backed him up,( claiming that GOP leaders did not qualify as human), most comments on Resnick’s tweets were not kind to him or his smear.  Yvonne Cahill tweeted:

While Quena Gonzales tweeted:

Conservative drive-time radio talk show host James T Harris went one better, pointing out a Barack Obama tweet from 2012 that Obama himself posted:

And Congressman Paul Gosar couldn’t resist reminding the Canadian born Resnik something that likely was on his citizenship test:

Political strategist Constantin Querard pointed out to Resnik the perils of parsing:

At this time 12 News has not commented on Resnik’s attacks on the AZGOP or his casual use of Nazi accusations.  This is likely because the top brass at 12 News shares his sentiments.  In today’s politically correct environment, where the slightest insult is grounds for suspension or termination, or at least a teary-eyed apology followed by time off at a rehab center, it is still oddly acceptable to accuse people of being Nazi’s, so long as they are conservative, Republican, or have said anything nice about Donald Trump.

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  1. His apology is nothing more than an apology to 12 News because they got their ringers burning….he meant what he said no mix up of words a very thoughtout disgusting statement…and you can’t unring the bell, dude

  2. Enough is enough. Why does this clown still have a job? He is one big reason there will continue to be mass shootings.

  3. I am so sick of the left I could spit nails!!! I am tired of being called a racist, a bigot, a homophobe, and all the rest! I want my GOD FEARING country BACK!!! I want leaders that are HONEST, and a media that reports THE TRUTH and NOT a bunch of lies and innuendoes!!! I REFUSE to watch CNN, MSNBC as well as ANY of the local networks because of their bias against our president and the lies spewed on a daily basis!!!

    • I hear what you are saying Barbra Moulder…when I hear all these descriptions of “Right” leaning people it looks/feels like they are projecting onto “us” what they are in fact. Personally I do not support a party but rather what is in the best interest of the country (Constitutionally and lawful…if a law is does not serve the interests of The People then it needs to go!).

  4. Hey look at the fascist TV reporter spewing his vile hatred of Americans. The hatred from the left is deafening. They hate Americans and love illegals. America, a country so Great that even the people who hate her won’t leave.

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