Gosar, Biggs For, Grijalva Against Trump’s Public Assistance For Migrants Plan

Arizona representatives praised and panned along party lines the Trump administration’s rule strengthening the ability of federal officials to deny green cards to immigrants deemed likely to rely on government aid.

Republican Representatives Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs expressed support for the rule, while Democratic Party Representative Raul Grijalva tweeted his opposition.

The “public charge” rule ensures those who are granted permanent residency are self-sufficient, and not a burden on taxpayers.

“The principle driving it is an old American value, and that’s self-sufficiency,” said U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli on Fox News. “It’s a core principle — the American Dream itself — and it’s one of the things that distinguishes us, and it’s central to the legal history in the U.S. back into the 1800s.”

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  1. You are supposed to have a health check before entering. In the olden days if you didn’t pass you were sent home and the ship captain had to take you back free. Needless to say all those immigrating from Europe didn’t bring TB, measles, mumps, Ebola and endless other crap with ’em because it was too expensive for the shipping line.

  2. If I want to immigrate to Canada, Australia or New Zealand I must have a skill, be self sufficient with no criminal record and be able to benefit society. In fact if I choose Canada I must have no serious medical issues that their socialized medicine system would have to pay for. Just food for thought.

  3. They claim its something new, but it isn’t. My wife and I sponsored some of her family and we had to sign documents that we would support them and ensure they DID NOT revert to the dole, but that was about 20-30 years ago. Since then they just changed the rules and ignored these requirements. I once asked about bringing in niece and nephew of wifes brother who had died and was told no, ‘they have to be direct blood relative”! I then asked how are there so many ‘uncles and cousins in the us and the lady said “there is only 6 inches of water to cross”‘. So if you want to have all the folks who cant make it here then sign up to sponsor them and take them into your home and leave my wallet alone. BTW kids from the relatives all make 6 figures and have great families and none have ever drawn a penny from any gov’t agency!

  4. George Soros’ Open Borders Society and whatever other entities funded this movement to U.S. needs to be held responsible for the continued welfare for those who entered the U.S. illegally. Don’t put the burden on taxpayers.

  5. What did you expect from Grijalva? I think his tweet is an exaggeration of the policy to say the least but that’s to be expected as well!

  6. “Give me your tired, your wealthy, your privileged few yearning to make a quick buck….” New Poem on the new Statue of Trump at Mar-a-Lago. MASA! Make America Sane Again!!

  7. my grand parents – green card – still have it – never a gov’t nickel ever, same for mom who became American when I was six, never a nickel from the gov’t .

  8. THousands of immigrants came thru Ellis Island in the early 20th century, there was no food stamps,free housing ,medical and cash for them, yet they survived and thrived. They too were discriminated against. But they fought in our WWII and after helped build this country to a powerful and wealthy country, the same country many are working to tear down.

  9. Why do democrats hate American taxpayers so much? They are willing to give away tons of money to Illegal Invaders, and let the poor and homeless Americans to fend for themselves. America, a Country so great, that even those who hate her refuse to leave.
    Making and Keeping America Great! Trump 2020!

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