Chandler Mom Arrested After Leaving Infant In Vehicle

CHANDLER — A mother of four, Holli Broadbent Platt, is in custody after she left one of her children in her car while shopping at Target.

On Tuesday at approximately 4:00 p.m., Chandler Police officers responded to the Target store near Arizona Avenue and Ocotillo Road after receiving calls about a baby locked in a vehicle.

One caller reportedly broke the window at the direction of the 911 dispatcher. The caller then gave the baby to firefighters who were at the scene, according to FOX News. Firefighters said the baby had high blood pressure but was otherwise in stable condition.

The infant was left inside the vehicle for 15 to 20 minutes.

The children were handed over to their father.


  1. Thank you, AZ Daily Independent, for covering this story. The FCCLA students at Cholla High School have developed a brilliant program, “Baby Look Back,” with the objective of raising the awareness of parents to NOT leave their children in cars. These students have created a brochure to hand out at store doors, particularly at large shopping malls and big box stores. These students need sponsors who will financially back the printing of the brochures and the presentations that the FCCLA students make. They aren’t asking for the financing, but rather I am as a concerned citizen. With all of the technological advances of today, is there a clever inventor or a US company that could invent an inexpensive device for a car that would sound an alarm as a parent/childcare worker exits their vehicle to alert them of the child/children in the back seat? Mr. Armenta, Principal of Cholla High School, could facilitate putting anybody in contact with the FCCLA students and their sponsor so that they can continue this life-saving project.

    • Never have been a parent I can’t imagine how a Mpther can “forget” her child. Then again I can’t imagine how a Police Officer can “forget” that his dog is inside a vehicle. So I don’t think any amount of money will solve this problem.

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