Tucson Sanctuary City Measure Can Appear On November Ballot

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TUCSON – Pima County Superior Court Judge Douglas Metcalf has ruled against the Pima County GOP and in favor of a pro-sanctuary city group. The Pima GOP sued to prevent a sanctuary city ballot initiative from appearing on the November ballot.

“Tucson Families Free and Together” collected approximately 12,200.

The Pima GOP argued that the group needed 12,800 signatures to be certified. Their argument was based on the belief that the formulation to determine the minimum number of petition signatures required was calculated incorrectly and should have been raised to a minimum of 12,400 versus the 9,241 originally required.


Judge Metcalf found that the 12,200 signatures were adequate.

The Pima GOP may appeal the decision.

Although the Pima GOP alleged that approximately 40 percent of the signatures submitted were either invalid or fraudulent, the judge allowed all of the signatures to count.


  1. Portland has become overwhelmed with their sanctuary status. Tax payers are fed up. Don’t make it happen here.

  2. As the Green Party Candidate for Ward 4 City Council Member, I endorse the Sanctuary City Proposition 205, my Party endorses Prop 205. We “are not the only ones” The Beatles sang in the 1960s. In the 21st Century, we owe it to the world to protect each individual no matter where they are. Children in cages – intolerable. Children separated from parents in so great a number goes a long way to prove the government strategy to separate families – unimaginable! Safety from being “disappeared” while in a church, school or hospital without adequate due process – Draconian! The U.S. Congress’s Congressional Record in the 1960s printed every day, “Mans Inhumanity to man, how long? I live to make our city a Sanctuary City, to be a good steward of our environment and to work nonviolently towards more lasting peace. Recently a friend cited a song where “Mercy” [even if undeserved] needs to be given anyhow! This is simple – sane – enduring – . . . loving but admittedly, not easy.

  3. I left one sanctuary city, Los Angeles, and came here and these Tucson residents need to think long and hard about their upcoming decision. There is nothing glamorous with higher crime, filth, over crowded schools and gangs. You might think you are being “woke” but what you are doing is irresponsible to you and to the ones you are supplying a sanctuary for. We are a nation of laws and if you don’t like it fight to change the federal laws.

  4. Historically the will of the people has never been connected with the outcome of an election in Tucson or Pima county. Why is this outcome considered shocking? Perhaps after a multi recount to ensure the favorable outcome, the ballots can be accidentally destroyed to further silence the voice of the people.

    • I live in the county but maybe I and everyone in Pima County should come in for the vote. If illegals can do it and it’s okay, why not us?

  5. I don’t know if this is a liberal Democrat judge and maybe he is accurate but this is exactly what I knew was going to happen. Good effort but in the end a waste of $$ to argue a Proposition like is in liberal land Tucson.

  6. Judge Metcalf found that the 12,200 signatures were adequate.

    So, if you buy the right judge then you get what you want?

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