The Final Solution: Sunday’s Comic

trump comic

Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.


  1. My guess is many of the people calling President Trump a racist can’t give us the right definition of the term. Just another phony accusation from know-nothings.

  2. @ED -ADI perhaps you might address your same comments to your featured artist friend: “Please refrain from the personal attacks”.

    The Oracle

    • Funny Funny Mr. Big O❗️I’ve missed you so much❗️
      As Always Mr Lasley illustrates Truth❗️No insults..simply truth. Darling 💋

  3. Laugh.. snicker.. yea right
    Nazi Trump Laugh snicker
    That is the left . Once they get control give you free free
    Food housing etc You ARE signing your life away to be Controlled
    Do as I say I gave you free life Now its time you pay us back for that Free stuff

    Yes Control is really the left
    Yea you really think the Super Rich is gonna Just give away millions for Nothing pay for the so called poor ?? Ha ha
    They in return will want to be in control LMAO
    Rambocrats Vs Wepublicans
    Leftys are gonna lose

  4. Not only is this guy short in the brains department, he isn’t a terrific artist either. A mental midget AND a hack. Should’ve stayed in Los Angeles. Tubac is wasting space if they display any of his crap.

    • Yes..You HOWL like a Coyote aimlessly❗️You make NO sense Mr Coyote! Your insults are ridiculous.. Why don’t you stay on the subject matter of Mr Lasley’s amazing illustration?? Trump’s behavior clearly demonstrates hateful racism. He brings out the ugly white supremacy! Do you sleep in a cave?

      • Because he IS short in the brains department and he ISN’T a terrific artist. I’ve seen kids with more talent. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. By the way… build the wall; support the President.

  5. And yet they claim the ‘right’ is the hateful group! Just wait until he signs in as moochell to defend his drawing! Where was he when bho was rounding up the illegals in the fenced in camps? As I asked him last week where are his drawing on the left and their ideas of greatness? Like all when asked that question they are silent and then must divert attention to trump or something else. They have no answers and yet they think they deserve to be the LEADERS as we the PEOPLE are their slaves and must be as they say. Come on lets see a drawing with their vision, we know you wont draw their sins of which they have many!

    • OMG….HANKY❗️ There you go again! Stay on the illustration subject matter for once Sweet one❗️💋

  6. For once this Lastly guy is truthful – this is where the LEFT is going – this is where the nation is being lead by the left – the Antifa – the everything is free and the working ‘will pay for it’ the name calling – don’t agree with me you are a racist – the ultimate ‘laying of blame’…. substitute the term JEW soon comes the extermination and left will agree

    • Billy B .. your thinking has become even more twisted over the past few years… How in the heck do you relate people leaning left with political views into racism behavior??!! And left agreeing with extermination??! OMG, Billy B you’ve gone off the deep end.. Just focus on Trumps behavior and the white supremacy & racism people that support him. Donkey or Elephant
      Who cares??? Trump encourages Racism & whoever supports him is most likely a Hateful Racist.. Just like him❗️

  7. It’s obvious that Lasley doesn’t know his history. The portrayal of a president of the United States that gets elected by the people for 4 years is contrary to the Nazi regime. Maybe he should look in the mirror!

    • Jay, you & your friends here aren’t getting it❗️Trump’s behaviors mirror much of what evolved during Hitlers leadership❗️ He encourages hate & racism continually. He is a narcissistic mad man just like Hitler❗️Thank God we CAN vote again!

      • When were you denied the vote? What goons came and prevented you from voting? You just found yourself on the losing side and cried that you were denied. I fervently hope we can make you all cry again, such a source of great amusement.
        The rest of us dodged a bullet named cankles clinton. Who will it be this time? Know why there are so many (20) candidates? Because that’s how many it will take to beat President Trump!!

      • YOU aren’t getting it… obviously everyone thinks this guy is a left wing hack but you. Racism is YOUR state of mind.

  8. Some are so blinded by visceral hate as a result of losing that all they can do is display their ignorance. Most would be embarrassed, but Trump Derangement Syndrome knows no bounds with the afflicted.

    • Mr Tucson, The Visceral Hate is clearly displayed and promoted by your
      President ❗️Mr. Lasley’s illustration gives clarity for people who have their heads buried in the sand! Mr Lasley is not displaying hate.. He illustrates Trumps Racists behavior & white supremacy supporters ❗️ They show hate.. NOT Mr Lasley❗️ Geeze❗️

      • I find it funny that you call President Trump’s supporters of white supremacy, I, among thousands more, support President Trump and I am a 5th generation Tucson woman born of mexican descent.
        So who’s really the racist? just look in the mirror.

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