Peoria Police Arrest Teen, Had Gun In Backpack At Centennial High

On August 19, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Peoria Police officers arrested a 16-year-old student at Centennial High School for bringing a gun onto school grounds. School administrators discovered the gun after the young man was caught smoking marijuana wax in one of the school restrooms.

According to Peoria Police, the student was escorted to the school office where the student told the administrator that he had a gun in his backpack. The on-site School Resource Officer was immediately notified and responded and took possession of the backpack. Inside the backpack, the officer located a 9mm handgun with 11 rounds in the magazine. The student was taken into custody without incident and later transported to the Durango Juvenile Detention Center.

The student claimed that he was holding the gun for another person; however, according to Police, he could not provide any information to whom that person was. He did not make any threats toward the school or to others.