Phoenix Police To Track When Officers Point Gun At Suspects

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams discusses new policy.

PHOENIX — On Monday, the Phoenix Police Department announced a new policy that requires the tracking of every instance in which officers point guns at people. Pointing a gun will now be treated as an act of use-of-force.

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams stated, “Our updated records management system now allows us to track these incidents and will allow us to have a real idea of how many times our officers are able to successfully de-escalate an incident in a situation with the potential of deadly force.”

The new policy is derived from a National Police Foundation report commission by the City of Phoenix. The report recommended the following:

  • Document when officers point their gun at a person.
  • Improve consistency in collecting and maintaining data on police shootings.
  • Improve training.
  • Improve transparency by sharing data and information with the community.
  • Have more community engagement.
  • Increase policing units.
  • Conduct a staffing study to determine if Phoenix police has sufficient officers.
  • Improve its records-management system.
  • Study mental-health issues.


  1. Looking at the picture,all I see is a so called police chief backed by her sycophant supporters smiling lie they’ve come up with some kind of magnificent solution to a problem.

    This is what a police force looks like when it has been subjected to leftist lunacy! This is what happens when, as Thomas Jefferson warned, our cities become overpopulated by a dependent society that can vote itself largess. The nuts are in charge of the asylum!

  2. This is ridiculous! What and how are the police supposed to do there job. Are you going to do the same for the low life criminals that point their guns at police? Why don’t you just give police officers a gun that just blows bubbles for god sake. It’s a sad state of things when low life criminals and their families are dictating how police can do there job!

  3. How about just letting the police do their jobs without siding with the criminals? #Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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