Arizona Supreme Court To Hold Proceedings In Cochise County

Cochise County residents will have the opportunity to watch Arizona Supreme Court at work in their proverbial backyard later this month. The Court will hear oral arguments for real cases during its annual community outreach program, which allows the public to see how the process works.

Every year the state’s Supreme Court goes on the road to hear arguments at two law schools and at other local venues around Arizona, including schools and community centers. This year, the program will come to Bisbee High School’s auditorium on September 26, at 9:00 a.m.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host the Arizona Supreme Court Oral Arguments at Bisbee High School,” said Principal Darin Giltner. “This unique chance to have our campus turned into a courtroom for the day is a tremendous honor, and a learning experience like no other for our students. I want to thank the Arizona Supreme Court and Cochise County Superior Court for making this an authentic learning experience.”

The student body and members of the public will be able to review summaries of the legal issues being considered by the Court, as well as participate in a question and answer session with the justices, following the arguments. Students in the school’s culinary arts program will host a private lunch for the Court.

Presiding Judge James Conlogue said, “Cochise County thanks Chief Justice Robert Brutinel, and each Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, for their willingness to convene court and hear oral arguments at Bisbee High School. The opportunity for our students and community to attend an actual Supreme Court proceeding will foster a greater understanding of the court process and will encourage local court officials to continue an educational engagement with our schools.”

Seating at the high school is limited but the cases before the Court in Bisbee will be streamed live at

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