Beto Draws Small Enthusiastic Crowds In Tucson, Phoenix Stops

Beto O'Roarke draws small but enthusiastic crowds in Tucson and Phoenix on Sunday.

On Sunday, presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke held events in Phoenix and Tucson.


  1. Always curious how many AKs and ARs were turned in during his live appearance?

    The Oracle

  2. Fitting that he should fill a student bar in Tucson. Dumb as a potato… that’s the Beto. Potato O’Rourke.

  3. well cunninghamster just lost another vote folks. Shows the intelligence of orake in that his hero bho initiated the use of cages, but thats right he never did anything (aint that the truth) but to try to wreck the USA.

  4. I love it… “filled two rooms”… Trump fills stadiums with thousands outside trying to get in. Beto is a loser. VETO… BETO !!!
    The man on the street said “automatic rifles”. You CANNOT buy automatic weapons. More media lying. Beto will drop out soon…. bet the house on it.

  5. Heading home to El Paso viewing the sunset??? Seems they are going the wrong direction or don’t know that the sun sets in the west lol.

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