Arizona Republic Staff Vote To Unionize

On Thursday, Arizona Republic newsroom staff voted 64-30 in favor of unionizing. While the union might be “here to stay,” the vote is expected to expedite the demise of the publication.

According to KJZZ, Arizona Republic’s management warned staffers earlier this month “that any move to unionize actually could lose them some of their current benefits.”

The KJZZ article referred to a memo sent out to employees in which they were advised that “Bargaining remains a two-way street, the company can make demands for concessions as well.”

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  1. Ever since Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers and broke their union, US Big Business has been on a union-busting rampage. The result is the shrinking of the middle class, stagnant wages, disappearing pensions, and inadequate health care. But workers have always fought back against the dictatorship of their bosses, and unions, however flawed, are the only real instrument of defense they have.

    Sure, there are a few unions who don’t do their job, or whose leaders are corrupt — but for every corrupt union official there is the corrupt boss that bought him. Democratic unions controlled by their members with the right to be heard by their their employers, and with the right to strike without being “permanently replaced” is the only way to truly Make America Great Again.

  2. You are absolutely right EJ. I have an incredibly pessimistic view of the employees of the Republic. You and they have exhibited a lack of ability to present the news in an honest and unbiased manner.

  3. It’s time for this rag to join the trash heap of rags. I have no use for a rag who is largely fake news. Maybe they can go down and join a group in Tucson supporting open boarders.

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