Victim Of Former Grijalva Staffer Learns Party Affiliation Carry Privileges In Pima County Courts

Former Grijalva staffer Daniel Zaroes Brito, age 42, is accused of assaulting Jonathan Sparks (pictured).

The victim of a former Congressman Raul Grijalva staffer, Jonathan Sparks, learned this week that party affiliation does carry privileges in some Pima County courts.

Represented by the head of the Pima County Public Defender’s office, Joel Feinman, Daniel Brito appeared in court this week to plead guilty to a 5th degree open felony – assault on an incapacitated person, which will be reduced to a misdemeanor charge in 3 years for good behavior.

The 34-year old Sparks will receive no restitution from Brito, despite incurring nearly $200,000 in medical expenses as a result of Brito’s attack.

On May 6, 2019 Judge Aragon relieved Brito’s private attorney and appointed Feinman personally to represent the defendant. It is unusual for the head of the Public Defender’s office to take a case at all; however, according to our legal sources, Feinman must have chosen to personally handle Brito’s case.

Court watchers were shocked when Brito was selected to be represented by Feinman. However, the two men share a political allegiance. Still, it is unclear how Brito qualified for indigent defense. Currently, Brito is a Russian TV- America immigration reporter and lobbyist.

Brito, reportedly a member of ANTIFA and the Democratic Socialist Party, has shown income statements to others of over $103,000. One would think that a salary of over $100K would preclude a person from obtaining a publicly funded defense, as Mr. Sharp learned, political affiliation does carry privileges.

This case began one year ago, on November 4, 2018, when Sparks peacefully carried a sign reading “Jobs Not Mobs, Vote Republican this Tuesday” on 4th Avenue in Tucson. Brito came up from behind Sparks and proceeded to physically assault him including grabbing his red MAGA hat. Brito walked away from the scene as Sparks lay on the street screaming in pain, with his foot dangling from his ankle which was broken in 4 places.

Sparks’ ankle after surgery.

Brito then returned and resumed his physical attack again, hurling crude insults including but not limited to, calling Sparks a NAZI and other foul, disgusting names. Brito carried on kicking and punching as Sparks was on the ground.

Witnesses came to Sparks’ aid and held Brito back until police arrived.

Sparks’ supporters say that Brito is not simply a hat thief. They argue that Britos’ attack is a hate crime. A hate crime that confined the mild-mannered Sparks to a wheelchair for two months. Brito caused grave bodily injury that will last a lifetime along with mental trauma that accompanies such an attack. The foundation of Sparks’ body was compromised, broken, weakened and the potential for pain and re-injury remains great.

Sparks came close to losing his foot from lack of blood flow, but Feinman showed no concern for the welfare of his client’s victim.

When reading his statement to the court, Sparks was stopped by Judge Aragon. Three times, Sparks was prevented by the judge from reading his request for a trial by jury into the official record. The public defender and attorney assigned by the Pima County Attorney’s office had long decided a jury trial was not necessary and the victim would have no say in the matter.

Sentencing is to take place November 12, 2019 at 10:00 am in Judge Aragon’s Pima County Superior Court.

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  1. This is just disgusting! Tucson has turned into a MAJOR shit hole of a city!!!! All these bleeding heart liberals …. WOW!!

  2. Surely there is a way to appeal and an honest lawyer to handle this. Justice might prevail in another venue.
    This is all so sickening, nightmare material.

  3. Article II, Section 23, Arizona Constitution: “The right of trial by jury shall remain inviolate…”

  4. Aragon is an ELECTED JUDGE; voters picked him again in the last election. Note to ADI Cancel this comment. . it was posted under a separate screen name.

  5. Tucson liberals must be so proud for open season on Trump supporters.

    Need any more reason to escape this sh**hole of a city?

  6. I certainly hope that the STATE’s Attorney General sees this outrage and steps in and deals with this “Activist” Judge and PA!
    If the State’s atty General won’t do anything then if this were me, I would be asking the Federal Atty General to investigate this Judge and P.A. as well as the Pima County D.A.’s office for corruption.
    This is an outrage! A victim is denied any Justice from his attacker!

  7. Disgusting, sick and just plain wrong!! You people who keep electing these f____ing Democrats get what you deserve!! This should be tried in another jurisdiction. Sparks will get no justice in Pima County.

  8. We no longer live under the rule of law in democrat controlled cities. Their Antifa blackshirts rule the streets and are protected by their democratic party masters.

  9. Seriously who’s shocked by this Graftjalva injection of pulling stings?
    Since there clearly is “Just-us” for the politically connected Democrats of Pima County, the lesson learned here should read, “Witnesses came to Sparks’ aid and beat the shit out of Brito until police arrived”.
    Only then would true real justice have been served.

    The Oracle

  10. This is an outrage. What do we, the general public, do about this? The left extremist are bred into the Democrat Party and tolerated by the regular media.

  11. I will be in the court room on November 12, 2019 at 10:00 am in Judge Aragon’s Pima County Superior Court.
    The old “Law for thee but not for me”. I am no stranger to corrupt judges,lawyers and police officers.

  12. This is an absolute Injustice. It goes to show you how they abused their power and you have to be on their side or you are wrong. He should not be a judge should be removed from office and the same with all his affiliates grow of a mob is out of control in Pima county and I am ashamed to even pay taxes in Pima county because of people like these the.

  13. Sick,sick,sick. The will burn in hell for this behavior, but until then we need to get off our butts and do something about this injustice. Who in their right mind puts these kind of heartless thugs in office????

  14. A Judge Aragon miscarriage of justice decision, yet again. Aragon can be counted on by the corruptocrats in Pima County to rule on their side and dismiss obvious criminal charges. This petty tyrant should have been removed from the bench some time ago.

  15. Did you see the mugshot of the criminal? Pencil necked geek, coward actually. They always attack from behind. What I really want to say would be disallowed, so leave it with him being a coward.

  16. Obviously an appeal, and change of venue, is in order as there seems to be no justice in Pima County. I mean you’ve got to admit it was pretty blatant that power corrupts.

    • The prosecutor’s office would be the one to appeal – and they were in on the dirty deal. Is there any State agency that regulates corrupt county judges and prosecutors?

  17. Great summation of that day, Wayne B (rain)! We were there, too and particularly enjoyed watching Feinman and Brito raised up on their butt cheeks as Jonathan proclaimed his testimony in Jesus Christ, his Lord and Savior.

  18. Feinman is the proud author of the Tucson’s Sanctuary City Initiative aka Prop 205 and now with Barbara LaWall stepping down, he will be vying for the County Attorney’s office.

  19. In this latest hearing the Judge, Prosecutor and Defense Attorney were openly on the side of the vicious attacker but against the victim. I was there and saw the corruption with my own eyes.

    As Jonathan Sparks was making his statement about the horrendous attack of Daniel Z Brito, I could see Joel Feinman freaking out. At first the judge did not realize he was supposed to stop Sparks from speaking – I’m sure none of the Democrats anticipated the victim’s concise detailing of the blows rained upon him. The judge was probably fascinated and couldn’t stop listening. But when Sparks got to the second attack where Brito ran back, jumped on the prone victim’s chest and began beating him again Feinman couldn’t stand it any longer.

    You see, Public Defense Head Feinman is a powerful Democrat Activist and known Trump Hater. He leaped up and called to approach the bench. From the behavior of Judge Aragon it seems Joel Feinman ordered the court and prosecutor to shut Jonathan Sparks up. After the “conference” at the bench the judge began interrupting and chiding the victim while the prosecutor stood meekly by with no objections. Her job was apparently more important to her than justice.

    The judge approved the corrupt plea deal in a low, guilty tone with no comment. He knew exactly what he was doing and how wrong it was.

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