Lasley On Trump Unhinged

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Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.

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  1. @Wayne B: great thought.
    How cool it would be if the one trick pony of Tubac would scribble that one.
    Finally a “comic” that would be funny and comical, instead DICK will just demonstrate his continuing Trump derangement syndrome sticking out his big boo lip and throw a continued graphite smudge tantrum over the 2016 election results. After all he’s a sore loser and can’t accept the harsh realities of the world.
    Along with his two Soros paid supporters who will continue thier lame efforts to save the titanic.
    Actually I think I’d save the shoes donating them to charity and tell to the two village idiots that they could fly.

    The Oracle

  2. One day in Arizona a two-headed person named Michelle & MR.WONDERFUL POWER were searching for The Oracle of Tucson to seek knowledge of their futures. After traveling a long ways they finally found the Oracle on an outcrop on the edge of the Grand Canyon – contemplating.

    Michelle & MR.WONDERFUL POWER cried out, “Oracle! Please tell us our futures!”
    “Give me your shoe!” replied the The Oracle of Tucson sagely.

    After eagerly handing over a shoe the two-headed person waited with baited breaths while The Oracle of Tucson examined it closely. Suddenly he hurled the shoe over the edge of the Grand Canyon where it sailed into the abyss.

    “You will go on a long journey.”

    • one day in Arizona A TWO HEADED PERSON NAMED WAYNE AND ORACLE were searching for Albert THE GENIUS, seeking knowledge of there was a long and winding road…but FINALLY there big AL was,somewhere at the cliffs edges in the middle of Arizona ….ALBERT cried out……THROW ME YOUR COMPASSES ….eagerly tossing them over …big AL examined them closely..suddenly he hurled the compasses as far as he could splattering them on the rocks hundreds of feet below …….” navigate the stars my friend tow headed friend ..its the journey that counts, more the your destination……good luck my double headed sons…just don’t throw me your flash lights…..

  3. lunar emissaries/…that’s
    the last draw….n o one likes to be called a lunar emissaries…big oracle ..very unkind of you sir…………Lasley ,could draw an enjoyable view from , worth publishing, from the dark side of the moon…good idea biggly oracle…………..but you’ll have to wait….because big bad trump has already signed an executive order to be the first president to achieve this accomplishment of putting a man on the moon……… if trump could do this amazing task…..actually shoot a rocket with a man in it….way up to the moon and land it?…wow…what a stable genius he could be…then we could erect the first flag that says…make the moon great again

  4. No, actully Punky l truly could care less what the grammar Nazi thinks, feels or spews.
    Perhaps if you where a full time poster on all of ADIs articles instead of just a Soros paid Lasley troll you’d have a better understanding of my comments with Albert’s endless white guilt, anti capitalist, anti American hit pieces promoting “history” as he alone sees it. Sadly they often contain spelling and grammar errors, but you wouldn’t know since your here only to run interference as a paid troll for Lasley.
    In your case it’s simply garbage in garbage out as you regurgitate your disjointed talking points desperately seeking some sense of releventcy.

    The Oracle

      • More hack smudges. Must be a self-portrait because it doesn’t look like PRESIDENT Trump. C’mon Mookie and Misser Wunnerfoo… give me your shot… I’ve come to expect it. It amuses me.

        • HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT FIRE AWAY..that’s good…mr. COY……..GENIUS LASLEY..could of drawn a picture of a unhinged coyote…put a little flip of hair between his ears ..with a hat on that says…. make the desert great again….its trump the coyote alright…..beep..

      • @punky powerless: apparently you’ve totally run out relevant of things to add to the thread since you’ve promoted yourself to the spelling and grammar Nazi?
        I personally think that as wacko libtards, when you’ve really hit rock bottom is when you then go after grammar and spelling, but hey I get it, when facts are absent you gotta grasp at something.
        Personally I find your comment rather rich coming from someone such as yourself who is basically a functional illiterate on your best day. But Thanks for validating my point that if it wasn’t for double standards the left would have no standards. Ironically your only alley in your rebellion on reality, the princess of dumb misspelled her own name last week. I didn’t see you where you rebuked her with your comments of condemnation so I’m guessing you deliberately missed that one?
        I myself utilize a tiny hand held device using a miniature keyboard and screen, so if I’ve misspelled something I’m truly unconcerned.
        My best advice to you and other spelling and grammar Nazis is, try to adjust. After all you pretend to have cornered the claim of being tolerant and inclusive.

        The Oracle

  5. The real question is what is no one understanding biblical prophecy in this time in which we live. What we are seeing is in real time what is written to occur in this time.

  6. RABID HATE❗️REALLY …Big O??? Trump’s behavior promotes HATE as he continually models immoral, dysfunctional, narcissistic, racist behavior. He blatantly lies, degrades women and has NO empathy for the Mexican children he has separated from parents( horrible emotional damage for these children)! He has NO regard for the environment & ignores scientists warnings regarding weather changes & 🌍❗️ He has totally betrayed Americans ❗️Trump IS UNHINGED & will go down as the Worst President in American History!❗️ He won’t have his little silver spoon to eat with in his cozy little prison cell either… or MAC Donald’s 🍿
    PS: Why dwell on PAST political figures/presidents? Trump is president in the NOW❗️💋
    BTW, Mr Big O ..YOUR hate fits Trump’s hate like a perfect fitting glove 🧤

    • Lol. You heap praise on anyone who remotely agrees with your limited view of the world, I’m beginning to think you’d sleep with Satin if he supported your anti Trump rabid hate.
      And time will tell princess, but get used to it because despite your tantrums he’s not going anywhere. Four more years of America first. Enjoy TRUMP 2020!
      Need a tissue?

      The Oracle

      • Doesnt really matter big o….trump must think he could have influence the continental divide…he must feel left out on that episode….so who cares at this point big zero………DIVISION…..translates to a weaker america…..trump himself has unhinged the world….. leaving america cracked wide open…..

  7. The real question should be are we better off with Trump then we would be with the morally bankrupt and criminally flawed Hillary?
    And I’m sure outside of the graphite smudge, the bratty princess, punky powerless and the spell checking union organizer the answer is a resounding HELL YES.
    Funny how that these same outspoken supporters of everything anti-Trump are the same detractors who were calling for impeachment prior to Trump even taking office. The same outspoken useful idiots who could care less about the absolute abuse of power from almost every agency in government to steer and steal the 2016 election.
    Yes “Stuck on Stupid 2020” seems to be the only answer the left can provide in its rabid hate of anything and everything Trump.
    The left can continue to throw tantrums over Trumps presidency, but looking once again at the worthless candidates the left keeps presenting, its a safe bet Trump will win again.

    The Oracle

    • hello big o…hell yes..any body is better than the mafia man breaking laws.. lining his pockets with our tax money……are u better off with trump big o..the spell checker struck a nerve on you cause you couldn’t spell ..touchy aren’t we…before trump took office i didn’t want to impeach the.. a h..le..i wanted to beat bullcrap out of him late….were left with trump throwing day to day tantrums of tweets …..and pep rally’s that leave him foaming at the mouth with constant crazy crap… stuck on stupid i’d say..give it up big oracle..stop fooling yourself…trumps simply a unhinged …

      • so your rant today is about the left idiots more so than mr trump right? “ny body is better than the mafia man breaking laws.. lining his pockets with our tax money……are u better off with trump big o.” your heroin lady is much more a crook than he is. The big problem the pols have is 1. he cannot be bought like they have been, 2. he actually cares for this country and is trying to wok for its benefit. Question what has the left/democraps done in the past 3 years to benefit anything but themselves? The left propaganda arm (MSM outlets) are very happy that they can benefit $$ by screeching about him and creating a false drumbeat of his supposed problems while keeping the left/democraps out of the news aka bidden of late and the rest of the un-useful idiots.

      • “Lining his pockets with our tax money?” hahaahah… say hello to Pelosi, the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas, the Grijalvas, the McCains…. yeah …tell me about it! And “Trump’s” unhinged? … besides you and Mookie… again say hello to Pelosi, the Clintons, the Bidens, …. Why don’t you have Laslow draw some unhinged left wing nut jobs? Stop fooling YOURSELF… all you, Laslow and the Mook can do is rail about nothing. You wanted to beat the crap out of him…and Trump’s unhinged? Hahahahaha… go apply for a job as “The Joker,” ya clown.

    • Well, Big O, the rich and mighty are certainly better off with tRump. The rest of us…no. Both the Establishment Dimocrats like Ms. Stand By Your Man Clinton and most of the Republikook Establishment are tied to the same Ruling Class. Note the ties both have to Goldman-Sachs.

      I think impeachment is a dead end since the Senate will vote party line without regard to the facts, and give tRump more opportunities to cry Poor Me. I would prefer the Dims to rally behind the best candidate to take tRump out in 2020, a candidate with a real program for real people — and that’s not Biden, who has the same Establishment ties. My energy, such as it is, is going to Elizabeth Warren.

      So you see, you are wrong again; your self-proclaimed oracular wisdom fails you yet again: this (former) union organizer 1) did not support Clinton; 2) did not and does not call for impeachment; 3) cares a lot more than you do about government overreach and abuse which is a good reason to oppose tRump.

      A local example: the recent memorandum between the Federal Highway Administration and ADOT allowing the agency to self-monitor on environmental issues during the next phase of an I-11 study. The collusion between the Pima BOS, the County Administrator, ADOT, and Big Business on I-11. Note that I support GOP Supervisor Miller and Rep. Finchem for having the guts to stand up and be heard. The stated purpose for I-11 in Southern Arizona is to export jobs to Mexico and to attract US companies from China to Mexico, contrary to Mr. tRump’s oft-stated (and failed)policy of bringing jobs home. My first letter to the White House on this received a response about Easter egg rolling on the White House lawn. My second letter, a year later, talked about how great The Man’s policies were but ignored I-11. Now we have his new NAFTA to continue production in Mexico, where wages are now lower than in China. So the working class people living in the Avra Valley, as well as the wildlife, are threatened by an unholy federal-state-county drive to make money at our expense, and to get us to foot the bill! But hey Big O, don’t let the facts get in the way of your wise oracular pronouncements.

      • Hello Albert, I hope your managing well.
        And no, I’m not fearful of misreading the tea leaves. Outside of a total meltdown, Warren will be the only one remaining standing the best chance at victory, she will be the Democratic nominee for 2020.
        Despite her desire to benifit and improve the world, her outspoken and dangerous ideas of taxing to death the highest of the upper class, all corporations and the entire financial sector, which threatens both our national and the global economy, her proposed threatened action will deny her further advancement since it’ll only drive huge sums of money against her benefiting the incumbent Trump. Its only natural that “Kill or be killed” by the deepest of deep pockets will drive this action.
        Outside of the partisan theft of an election by another cycle of libtards abusing power, or the unthinkable taking of Trumps life by assassination, driven by fever pitched rabid hate, I’m under no delusion that Trump will remain in office through this term and his next. Any hopes of a successful impeachment is little more than a partisan pipedream by those that refuse to accept reality.
        Libtards would be wise to seriously consider the merits of President Trump Vs. those of President Pence, and should be extreamly grateful for what we have.
        I hope my spelling meets your with approval?

        The Oracle

        • That’s laughable. Sorry to disappoint Punky Powers, but if elected President, I’d immediately sign an executive order appointing you and the princess of dumb as lunar emissaries, thereby banishing your asses to the dark side of the moon. You could even take your dimwit stuck on stupid graphite smudge “artist” with you to scribble the view.
          Now that would finally make an enjoyable drawing worth publishing.

          The Oracle

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