UPDATE: Tucson Woman Shoots, Kills Men Trying To Break Into Her Eastside Home

crime scene notice

TUCSON – A Tucson woman shot and killed two men attempting to break into her home on the eastside of town on Wednesday.

According to Tucson Police, they received a 911 call at 3:45 a.m. The woman called to say she heard noises coming from her backyard, in the 4700 block of East Duncan Street, near Grant and Swan.

While investigating the sounds, she found two young men trying to break in and confronted them. She shot both of them.

According to Tucson Police, one of the young men, identified as 18 year-old Corey Teixeira, was pronounced deceased on scene. Officers began rendering aid to the second male, 18 year-old Ali Mohamed, until Tucson Fire arrived. Once on scene, Tucson Fire continued medical treatment and transported Mohamed to Banner University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. Shortly after arrival, he was also pronounced deceased.

Tucson Police detectives have confirmed the break-in was not a random act, and it appears to be a drug-related home invasion.

According to sources, the victims recently graduated from Cienega High School.

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  1. Did this woman warn them , I have a gun how is it justified if they are outside ,what immediate danger was she in with two unarmed men on the other side of the door. I saw a few remarks about maybe she dragged them outside, only justified would be if they were in the house at the time they were shot. I also noted they found a knife sheath in the mens car did they have a knife that she saw? You cant just shoot people because your scared of them you need to be in immediate danger.

  2. Very sad…. these “men” did not have any weapons on them. I have not seen any reports saying that they had even have a backpack with them…. nothing to break in the house with….. If this was a home invasion would they not have something to carry the stuff out with? Would they not have some time of tool to break in the house with? Something is definitely not right. I am not saying the boys are completely innocent… Obviously they were at a place they should not have been but there is way more to this story then what is being reported . I hope justice is brought to light. My heart hurts as a mother…. The cause of death does not matter to their parents, they lost their babies……

  3. A red neighbor said there was a lot of traffic going in and out of the home at all hours of the night of course she was a drug dealer on that side of town what they going to steal a TV.

  4. At 3:20 am it is doubtful that the resident was able to consider the names and ages and from what High School they hailed. One would know that criminals are attempting to enter your home and that you aim to prevent that. The burglars apparently did not know if or what make and model of weapon would be turned their way either.

  5. I’m not so sure this is over for this lady, as the story reads “The woman called to say she heard noises coming “from her backyard”, in the 4700 block of East Duncan Street, near Grant and Swan.

    While investigating the sounds, “she found two young men trying to break in and confronted them”. She shot both of them.

    They were not in the home – what were the actions of the young men on being found out? Aggressive to her? Or run? Where were they shot? Front or back? What happen in those seconds of “your caught” how far were they in the process of entering the house – coming in the window or door? Did she try to arrest them at gun point? Lots of questions and parameters not noted in this story. Was she right in catalyzing their demise with gun fire – I think so – nothing good comes out of the dark at 0320 going into your home – don’t know this lady’s age but no doubt she could shoot. The funeral for these two is today. Wasted lives with drug issues as the true catalyst of this event.

    Albert, how much trauma would she have carried had they killed or otherwise harmed her had she done nothing? No doubt terminal mistake for these young men their lives ended (wasted) – not the ‘high’ they were seeking..

    • Billy B- you are correct in saying don’t know if this issue is over for the lady,,,, all of your questions are correct in asking WHY she shot to kill. She is a KNOWN drug dealer,,,, drug in what factor? Weed, or other? Did those 2 boys mean this woman harm? Were they told that nobody was home at the residence and to go get what it is being assumed to be what they were there to get? Did youuuuu know anything about them to say they were drug users? Sad Just gut wrenching sad

      • Billy B makes a lot of words to say, we don’t know. We don’t know most of the legal facts needed to make even a guess determination.

        Tammy how do you know she was a drug dealer? I haven’t read this anywhere.

        As for some of the assumptions people make, i.e. if someone is breaking into your home the law allows for you to shoot them. You don’t have to wait for them to get inside. That would just be silly. As for drug related, she might have a marijuana card and is growing inside here house. Not sure.

        Not sure about anything here.

      • Hate to say it but a Thorough investigation is certainly warranted. How do we know that they arrived on the scene at 3 AM and we’re not in fact in her home and a drug deal went wrong? Who’s to say she didn’t drag him outside? I have no idea but I do know she was selling illegal drugs How do we know that they arrived on the scene at 3 AM and we’re not in fact in her home and a drug deal went wrong? Who’s to say she didn’t drag him outside? I have no idea but I do know she was selling illegal drugs. I know this from personal experience, and I have already contacted 88 crime and they have all the details.

  6. What were the two going to do once they got in? Assault, rape, murder, robbery? Probably wasn’t going to be helpful, useful, kind, productive, or something that would have made their families proud. Condolences to their families. Crime is not enviable or honorable and they’re out of the gene pool now.

  7. saw something on channel 4 talking with neighbor who said there was lots of traffic in and out
    and if correct she also said police had lots of bags of white stuff
    hope not but that’s why they ”investigate”

  8. This just shows how gun control really works, being able to hit your target. Sounds exactly like a perfect case of justifiable homicide. I don’t suppose Cienega teaches kids to stay out of the line of fire.

  9. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away! I’m glad this woman was empowered to protect herself.

  10. Mr Mohamed was a party (as a juvenile) to a lawsuit against TUSD in 2011. Does anybody know what that was about?

  11. I have no problem with self-defense, never have, but looking at the larger picture it appears the break-in was drug related. And that is the real problem, the continual influx of drugs from the murderous cartels, aided and abetted by banks like BofA and Wells Fargo and tRump’s favorite, the “global laundromat” Deutsche Bank. Not to mention the Big Pharma opioid manufacturers thatt have addicted, and killed, so many people. That woman was within her rights, but she is likely to carry the trauma of taking two lives for a long time. If we really want to protect ourselves from drug-addled bad guys, let’s start hitting the sources. Those kids were just as much victims as the woman was.

    • are you implying that the lady was a druggie or a dealer?? Or are you like the rest of the libs indicating that this didnt happen because women and people in general according to the gun banners never defend themselves?

      Remember that drug abuse is generally a self inflicted issue. There are those that suffer from it from over medication, but most just use them for self gratification. So no real sympathy there if they were on drugs and not taking them for Rx purposes. Thats life in the big city as they say.

  12. When all the facts are known, maybe this would be an appropriate article in the “Armed Citizen” section of the American Hunter magazine.

    Unfortunately, this being liberal land, we may never hear another word. Especially if it turns out she was well within her rights!

  13. Another great story, and ending showing why we must NEVER let the 2nd amendment be taken from us. I’m sure if those two people/criminals knew this lady was armed they’d still be alive today.

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