Lasley On Traitor Trump: Sunday’s Comic


Cartoonist/artist Richard Lasley is a native of Southern California, who attended Ventura College and the Art Center School of Los Angeles for Illustration and Design.

He has worked as a freelance artist for many agencies in Los Angeles, New York and was a member of The Illustrator’s Club of Los Angeles.

Currently he resides in Tubac, Arizona. His work is featured at Tubac Presidio Park.

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  1. trump is a Traitor…traitors don’t last very long…..but whats worse, he torches his own administration if they don’t obey his master king orders……there jumping the trump ship one by one before its to late…..the republican support for trump is starting to chip away………….they realize now…finally…that any one that admits to braking policy and constitution election laws, brags out loud about his Ukraine buddy pres.helping him with his election results back in america… ,then says, … what are you gunna do about it my fellow american’s…i mean fellow enemy’s ..i he can shoot someone and get away with it any where remember ?then trump brags about it for the world to see how unhinged his has become…..trumps at war with himself now, as he slowly self destructs……..

    • Totally Right ON Mr Wonderful Power❗️It is beyond me how these Trumpsters can continue to support such a dangerous President❗️

      • It’s beyond me how a carpet bagging troll can look herself in the mirror while supporting, spreading and pushing political dogma disguised at art!

        The Oracle

        • Totally RIGHT ON Mr. The Oracle of Tucson! (Red exclamation point.) It is beyond me how these Dumbsters can continue to support such a terrible Smudgester! (Red exclamation point.)

    • same ol same ol, no links for the rants that have no basis yet he continues to live in a world of magical substances.


      • Poor You Mr. Hanky, I can see you are having a difficult time keeping a grip on reality. Why don’t you fluff your pillow with Mr. Big Oooo tonight ❗️ You two need to comfort each other❗️Seems to me you both are experiencing a
        Horrendous MELTDOWN right along with TRAITOR TRUMP 😆
        Try sipping some warm milk then lay those old HARD mean heads on yours on your fluffed pillows… sweet dreams dear ones..💋

        • looks like I hit the 1 nerve in the system! Everyone knows warm milk does NOT make you sleep easier, too much for the system to digest. Just another folk tale like you guys seem to live on!

    • “Unhinged” was LAST WEEK’S BS smudge. Keep up. And thanks for the “my fellow enemies” tag… shows your true colors. I’ll wear that tag. Such insipid crap. Again, start on the script for next week’s illicit scrawl from Las-low… I’m sure you need to whip yourself into a frenzy. And wipe your mouth, YOUR slobber is showing.

      • can’t wait for the drawing of trump in jail…..whimpering for his freedom.. while america solutes the flag, celebrating trumps failure as president…..then there’s a chance for america to redeem itself and be great once again….smash trump…rebuild america

  2. From the looks of those running today Pres. Trump will be elected again for four more years. Can’t wait for the crying from the dem losers.

    • from the looks of it they’l have to baby talk trump out from behind that desk…..come u little trumpster brat, hold my hand,we will give u a cell next to rudy julies… u two tweety girl’s will be happy as clams while we fix this huge american mess you have created…

  3. It’s just a good thing Hillary did not win the 2016 election. A majority of the people would never vote for her again and we would have had to make something up so we could impeach her.

    • Well..well.. Mr. Rollie, how do yo do?😃 It is amusing how you and your Trumpster buddies here can’t leave Hillary alone! We are in the present now❗️ TRAITOR TRUMP is President ❗️ None of you are capable of staying focused on important subject matter …illustrated amazingly by Mr. Lasley.
      I suppose it is too difficult for you all to witness your Hero TRAITOR TRUMP going
      down…down…down into impeachment land …🤪

    • have you read the lefts propaganda arm lately. They think she should ‘jump’ in now and take the nomination away from the rest. She seems to be doing her damndest to do so by attacking some of the runners such as the lady from Hawaii by calling them names that fit her best.

    • @Rollie H: FYI; Michelle feels compelled to welcome anyone new, if your brain dead and agree with her limited view of the world she’s extreamly polite, if you don’t support her delusional outlook she’s a troll on steroids.
      As you can see she’s obviously bipolar…

      The Oracle

    • don’t mention that the majority of the people voted and liked Clinton better than trump…rOoOoLIE.. trump will become unhinged like the.. nasty woman.. he has called her before………… making something up to impeach her ….MAYBE…. Mr. H………..AS FAR AS MAKING SOMETHING UP TO TO IMPEACH TRUMP……now that’s funny as i rOoOoOole with laughter

      • PLEASE take your meds before posting, this one make absolutely NO SENSE at all. I guess you do not comprehend what has been written. Yes all the handouts in the big cities voted for hitlery, but the rest of america voted for Mr Trump.

  4. Untrue Albert, you constantly whimper over Trumps Electoral Collage victory over Clinton popular vote victory. And as stated before by FACTS you’ve chosen to dismiss and ignore, the popular vote, like your take and those of the sock puppets of the outcome is irrelevant. Nice try to blame Hank for your recent comment, but anyone who reads here daily knows you’ve historically been riding this dead horse since Nov of 2016.

    The Oracle

    • “the popular vote…is irrelevant.” That says it all O Mighty O — in the minds of tRumpsters such as yourself, as with the wannabe dictator, We The People are irrelevant. Well, I think not.

      • its not irrelevant, its just not how the electoral system works. If it did then yes hitlery would kommandant. But the forefathers realized even in their time that the city dwellers would rule the roost and the PEOPLE would suffer in general. Just like hitlery disregarded the fly over states of america nad it bit her in the ass big time. The little states have to have as much say as the bigger states with all the population centers. Just read the news in many areas, norther california wants to break off from the rest of kalifornia due to the high density of idiots in the southern portion. Illinois wants the same for the rest of the state due to the idiots in chicago being unaware of the rest of the state. There are some more in the same situation, so is the ruling of the masses by the few OK in your eyes? We need to thank the founders for their wisdom and foresight in setting up the college to give ALL states the same rights as the bigger metro areas.

        The only recent wanna be dicktaters were bho and to be followed by hitlery. Remember he wanted to significantly CHANGE the USA as we know it and hitlery was to be his 3d term to do so!

  5. like to thank again.. Lasley for his BRILLIANT work……..a d i’s… tolerance ….Michelle’s
    excellent points of view…and big Albert Lannon …..who makes
    political news seem real again….what a genius…….

  6. @Albert, seriously you seem to be perpetually fixated on Trump not winning the popular vote since you keep regurgitating your views on the matter.
    Are you equally fixated over the 1824′ election of John Quincy Adams over Andrew Jackson who won the popular vote by 10.5%?
    Are you equally fixated over the 1876′ election of Rutherford Hayes over Samuel Tilden who won the popular vote by a whopping 50.9%?
    Are you equally fixated over the 1888′ election of Benjamin Harrison over Grover Cleveland who won the popular vote by 0.8%?
    Are you equally fixated over the 2000′ election of George W. Bush over Albert Gore who won the popular vote by 0.5%?
    No instead your only obsessed and fixated over the 2016′ election Donald J. Trump over Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote by 2.1%.
    I know you fancy yourself an outspoken expert on spelling, grammar and the U.S. Constitution, so I’m sure you must be aware that according to the U.S. Presidential election system, instead of the national popular vote determining the outcome of the election, the President of the United States is determined by votes cast by electors of the Electoral Collage.
    These procedures are governed by the Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
    So again it begs the question, outside of your own Trump derangement syndrome, why do you keep harping on this issue as if winning the election by means outside of the popular vote is a criminal act?

    The Oracle

    • Dear Oracular One, your “wisdom” fails you yet again and your research is irrelevant. I was making reference to Hank’s statement that “He won the vote of the people of the USA…” That is simply not true; he was elected by the Electoral College, as provided by the Constitution. The fact remains that a majority of American voters voted for tRump’s opponent.

      And Jerome, thanks for not hiding your views with grandiose pseudonyms like “The Oracle of Tucson.” I often do provide sources, and it is probably true that — if all the facts were known — many others should have been impeached. The facts in my comment today are current public knowledge, even, I suspect, on Fox News.

  7. Well – I did comment this morning but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. Too tired to reconstruct it now, but among the points I tried to make were tRump’s continued flouting of the Constitution with ruling by executive decree rather than the legislative process; the trashing of Constitutional checks and balances; over 12,000 lies since taking office; using the office and staff to dig up dirt on rivals. Facts instead of name-calling.

    BTW — I did not vote for tRumnp or Clinton, did vote for Obama the first time but not the second, and just re-registered from IND to DEM to vote for Elizabeth Warren in the primary.

    • The President is taking a page out of the Obama playbook on executive actions, not because he can (like Obama) but because he can’t get anything done due to obstructionist deranged nitwits in the House. I don’t see any on the left complaining about the nonsense of the Obama administration. I would like to see the turds in Congress do their job instead of just making a lot of noise. They’re currently getting paid for nothing.

  8. Mr. Lasley, your illustration is powerful & True❗️FANTASTIC illustration and totally RIGHT ON❗️🇺🇸⭐️⭐️

  9. What is the matter with you all??❗️Pull your heads out of the desert 🌵 sand !! Get this through your HOT HARD HEADS (especially Big Oooooo):
    * President Trump is supposed to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States of America 🇺🇸
    Note: grounds for impeachment include violation of constitution, bribery, graft and corruption and betrayal of public trust!
    * Trump has broken the oath of office! His actions & behavior clearly & continually display lies and betrayal to Americans.. He is a master of corruption ❗️
    * This has nothing to do with politics! This has to do with our country and protecting our democracy !!!!
    Your orange haired hateful narcissistic mental Trump buddy has
    replaced “America first” with “ME FIRST”.
    God Bless America ❗️

    • Why is it that EXACTLY 100% of the time, leftists resort to empty rhetoric? How about a few facts instead of hollow accusations? List specific instances and dates. I am sure I and many, many others will find the things that are bothering you do not rise to impeachable offenses, or every other President prior to Trump would have been impeached.

    • “* This has nothing to do with politics! This has to do with our country and protecting our democracy !!!!” and so the democraps have done what to protect our country in the last 3 years? You and you bud lastly along with big albert cannot produce or provide any links to your ramblings. What you claim to be facts are easily disproven but since you cannot “Pull your heads out of the desert 🌵 sand !!” you cannot see the the idiocy of what you say. PROVIDE LINKS . This goes for albert also. wonderful should also take some time to get educated. I also would like to know where you guys were when bho tried to rule by executive fiat, waiting for congress to adjourn so he could pull his tricks!!

  10. A US Senator said in the 1800s: “America – my country right or wrong. When right to keep it right. When wrong to set it right.” Free speech, yours, mine and Lasley’s, is what helps set it right, not threats of “civil war.”

    An impeachment is by our elected representatives, as is the trial. As I’ve said before, I’d rather they be talking about policy and program since the Senate will follow the tRump party line regardless of the facts.

    Several things to remember: 1) tRump lost the popular vote by We, the People, by several million. 2) He has told over 12,000 lies since taking office. 3) He and his flacks have admitted there was a quid pro quo with Ukraine to get at Biden. 4) tRump has ruled by Executive Action rather than constitutional democracy and has “joked” about staying in office no matter what and cancelling elections. 5) He has enriched his companies by insisting that his hotels and resorts be used for official government business — only backing off now as even GOP stalwarts have had enough. 6) His current efforts to keep Deutsche Bank — his “favorite” which has loaned his companies some $20 billion over two decades — from testifying and producing records
    raises serious questions about his relationship to Deutsche Bank’s money laundering for Russian and South American drug cartels. tRump’s casinos, resorts and hotels are precisely what money launderers use to wash dirty money. “Traitor” is not too strong a word for the trashing of American ideals and separation of powers.

    Name-calling does not erase the facts; it makes the name-callers accomplices.

    • ALbert…you have articulated TRUTH and FACT ❗️ Maybe your excellent writing/ words will PENETRATE their scrambled- up Trumpster brains❗️👍⭐️⭐️💥🤩👍🇺🇸

      • It’s becoming rather apparent with Michelle pontificating her praise onto Albert, (in an updated version) misery acquaints a woman with strange bedfellows, as Michelle in her desperation would clearly sleep with Satan if he’d side with her views in support of Lasley.

        The Oracle

    • “Name-calling does not erase the facts; it makes the name-callers accomplices.”, so albert once again I ask you to POST links to your claims to establish YOUR facts and fancies. He won the vote of the people of the USA not LA, NYC, Chicago and the rest of the libtard estates. So you dont care for the folks who dont live in those areas, such a shame, so go live in the gutters with the rest of them in those paradise locations. Bidden is a crook, he has been caught using the office of the vp for personal gain for himself and his family. Hitlery has been shown to be a crook with her pay to play thru the foundation and the selling of US Assets to russia. The propaganda arm of the dems (the MSM) has distorted everything to their advantage. Trump could come out in the middle of the day saying the weather is nice and the propaganda arms would say that its raining or the middle of the night. So again provide links to your insinuations and I dont mean just the dnc newspaper, get real press if you can.

  11. Right… and Hillary was correct that Benghazi massacre was the result of a preacher burning the Koran… on 9/11 yet. Blow away little man… you’re becoming as boring as Las-low.

    • Dearest Coyote, I am pretty sure your HOWLING will make more sense out in the desert with your Coyote buddies …😆

      • @Michelle the princess of dumb.
        Who knew? As if the endless parade of stupid could muster and rally a second round.
        Because as you demonstrate everytime you post “Dumb is as dumb post”.
        Go home dumbchelle. It’s Thursday go off and enjoy a Joan Baez concert or an Anita Bryant rally and leave the dessert dwellers to enjoy the cool nights without your wacka wacka wacka less them insightful, always boring irrelevant carpet bagging crap.
        And by the way azzwipe, respect is earned, it is not given freely nor is it an entitlement, and based on your causticlly abrasive bombastic personal attacks towards the (real) good people of Arizona you will forever be a magnet of self inflicted negativity.
        Give it a rest bimbo babe.

        The Oracle

  12. big ALBERT will be back….to help with big oracles buddy’s lack of understanding the constitution of the united states and the laws of this country .. u block heads are as bad as trump is, stuck on stupid policy’s….. of course ,trumpy’s not responsible for anything right?the perfect genius..correct?…come back and big Al ….help these guy’s with there trump delusions..and how hes been brain washing all these guys ……Lasley throws them real news regarding trumps destruction… they cant handle it,when Mr. LASLEY shoves the real news in there face…THEN ADD MR. WONDERFUL’S FOLLOW UPS…..there trumps delusions get even worse…..

      • Yes well said Mr. Powers, but next time just say “Albert please rescue me, I have to no relevant point”….
        Simply Laughable….

        The Oracle

        • Big Ooooooo… why don’t you just laugh your way to the 🧠 brain transplant surgery table..😷’ve been dragging your poor old feet for too long❗️…💋

        • I L M A O BIG O… u admit then that big Albert is a professional politician.. ….. ….u ask for facts ….u ask for non hackers..u want a unstuck on stupid person…u tell the trolls to go away, u have nothing important to say, in fact,your a little rude to other people as well big o……………then along comes big Albert ……………..proving it doesn’t matter who say’s what , or how you say it big o YOU are extremely hooked on trump’s nasty ass style as trying to a president… ……..this guy trump is ruuuuuude to lot of people….and you love it …. big o

        • @Michelle: why don’t you go get a brain and let us all know how that works for you. I’m sure having one for the first time will be rather refreshing for you.

          The Oracle

    • its spelled THEIR(s) not there that is someplace else! So go get an education and then read the constitution not some pencil drawers interpretation.

  13. “We the People” can just stand off and wait while the left engages in its coup de tat of the nation in secret? and what accept the obvious outcome conclusion that he is removed from the presidency and the right will simply capitulate to this delusion ? Note to left ; you have another thing coming if you think this is the way this will work out. This sham trial in a closed box ‘will not stand’… put that in your ‘we the people pipe your smoking.

  14. according to the left trump has…. done what? Specifically ? Won the election they thought they had in the bag… tough Shitski! When does the civil war start.. or has it already started and the shooting just hasn’t started yet.

  15. Boooo-hoooo-hooooooo. The actions depicted in this week’s epic failure at humor are clearly little more then the thoughts of a deranged mind manifested by a life-long progressive libtard, who along with his two talking heads parrots are all clearly suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. Seriously take a gulp of air during your tantrums otherwise you’ll enhance your already present brain damage.
    Truthfully this week’s graphite smudge more closely represents a publicly touted failure at the Rorschach test, a psychological test in which Lasley’s perceptions of inkblots are published by ADI for all to see. Saldy this week’s inkblots are once again little more then the psychological interpretation of a weak frail disgruntled little man obsessed over the failed election which didn’t go as he wanted, producing this week’s mono themed inkblots which clearly display the personality characteristics of a stuck on stupid cry baby running on a limited emotional capacity over the failed theft of an election. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Note to self: pick up three extra boxes of tissues for Dick, Punky and Michelle…

    The Oracle

    • don’t worry big oracle one blames you for trump being the worst president america has had in last 250 years….isn’t there another hero you and your followers you could dwell on for awhile …like the soviet union guy Rudy….Moscow MItch…BILLY BAR.. stevey miller…….to name a few ….your best bet WOULD BE V PUTIN…the closes one that matches your trump hero

      • @Punky Powers: It’s really sad that you have no idea how embarrassing it is to the progressive left everytime you get near a keyboard.
        The troll talent pool must be extreamly shallow to have you and the princess of dumb as the dynamic duo of paid cyper carpet baggers on the Soros payroll blogging out of state.
        Seriously Punky, it’s not like you’ve had a relevant point all week, but it’s Thursday, one would think by now you’d be all cleaned out and ready for your colonoscopy, just how full of crap can one person be?

        The Oracle

  16. @ Punky Powers: you really need to stay on your meds! Your meaningless comments become more disjointed, delusional and convoluted with each post.
    Is English a second language for you?

    The Oracle

  17. Yes indeed, both Lesley and MR. WONDERFUL PLAYER are perfect and common examples of the evolution of America’s self anointed “progressive” people. Most Republicans progressed beyond “nanny-nanny bo-bo” by third grade.

  18. excellent depiction of what trumps trying to do to america….this is the biggleyest argument you can make….trumps just walking proof of what happend’s trying to pull this anti american crap off like he is…….rewriting his personal laws just just to fit his biggly fancy ass way of operating this country sucks……..Lasley is 100% correct in the message point in this drawing this week…he,s torturing and killing people all over the place now, with his self winging stupid policy trick talk…..he needs a big sand box to play in for awhile, and rethink what a moron he is being to the american people…this table is turning full circle….we the people will hold the blow torch right back at trumps butt, as he runs away like crazed ants are in his pants…tooooot

    • Are you writing this script this week for next week’s Scribbles by Las-low? Might as well… your rants haven’t changed yet. Try some originality and go after some libbies for a change.

      • not much more to point out this week…..the art says it all…just watching the big oracle crew scrambling around trying to save their presidents butt entertaining…..this trump is not a president…..he should win the election as president of the mafia maybe …..

        • Yeah, I’m here to amuse you. Just keep taking the bait. I’m not scrambling for anything and I’m not on anyone’s “crew.” I do hear the wind whistling between your ears though. By the way… there still isn’t any evidence of any “art’ here. I’m sure you and Mookie will let us know if you THINK you see some.

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