Did Someone Mention Clean Elections? Sunday’s Comic

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Initiative calls for extensive voting reforms in Arizona

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona advocacy group for clean elections took the first step Wednesday to getting an ambitious set of elections reforms on the 2020 ballot.

Arizonans for Fair Elections announced it filed paperwork for an initiative that would create an automatic voter registration system, ban special interest gifts and make other changes. Voters of all socio-economic backgrounds — not money — should be shaping elections, the group said.

These reforms are needed bring a voice to voters of all political parties, said Joel Edman, executive director of the Arizona Advocacy Network.

Edman said money from an optional $5 tax donation to the Citizens Clean Elections…

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  1. Didn’t Regina say she was a “clean elections” candidate? Look how much “dirty money” flowed her way. You’re not going to stop the lobbying powers of the $$$.

    Only by educating yourself and giving a damn will this crap in Tucson and Pima County end.

  2. Oh, sure we want clean elections… just give us money and we will make sure the elections are as clean as money can buy. It is sad that people are so swayed by money, but that is the way America seems to be.

  3. so the scam begins anew, $5 ‘donations’ is just the beginning. If ya want to run for election, USE your own $$.

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