Ducey Calls For Arizona, Sonora To “Stand Strong Together,” Will “Not Cower”

duce milstead pavlovich
Col. Frank Milstead, Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey joined Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich in Mexico on Wednesday [Photo from Col. Frank Milstead]

TUCSON — Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Col. Frank Milstead, Director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, joined Sonora Governor Claudia Pavlovich in Mexico on Wednesday discuss a variety of issues including border security and ongoing cartel violence.

The Arizona-Mexico Commission meeting took on increased significance after the attack by cartel members that took the lives of nine Americans on Monday morning. The dead included children and infants.

“As leaders have a choice to make; to cower and run from evil or confront and destroy it. I am here to send a message today that we’ve made our choice. We will not cower, we will not run, and we will never tolerate the slaughter of the innocents. There is one thing we know; the perpetrators of violence wanted to divide us, want us to fracture. They want us to despair, but we have a sacred duty to protect our citizens, our community that is why now more than ever Arizona and Sonora must stand strong together,” Ducey told the gathering.

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory for parts of Mexico and Governor Ducey has urged Americans to heed the warnings.

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  1. I personally have no problem with the U.S. doing some precision strikes on the hacienda’s of the cartels. It may take some time to get reliable info since our “intel” community seems wrapped up in a coup attempt…however 3 or 4 nights of intense bombing using the F-35 and B-2 should do it, from all our stateside squadrons.

    That should give the Mexican gov’t a chance to step up and regain control. If they don’t, then we simply close the border to ALL traffic, making it a shooting offense to cross. After all, it is a foreign invasion.

    For Ducey’s part, he could call out the Natl Guard, and the Militia, to guard every foot of Arizona border by force of arms.

  2. Well folks, once again we are being misdirected away from the real problem. And that is that the killer cartels are partnered with the big banks — and real estate promoters — to launder their dirty money. The biggest of the bunch, labeled “the global laundromat,” is Deutsche Bank, which tRump says is his “favorite” bank — maybe because they’ve loaned him $2 billion — that’s a B — over the past two decades, even tho’ he’s defaulted over $600 million worth and his casinos were fined for not preventing laundering. Casinos and real estate — those are the cartels favorite washing machines. Instead of blaming the victims seeking asylum from the violence of the drug cartels in their countries — whose prime source of income are Americans — let’s go after the Big Boys. But if the Biggest Boy is part and parcel of the corruption….where does that leave his ardent supporters? Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

    • go ahead inuendo will get ya what ya want right? Again as with your 2 favories please provide links from creditable sources. You have said things that even the loopy left have not said. Are you sure that your not a written version of lastley?

      Instead of calling them ‘victims’ I think the word cowards is closer to the truth. If they want change how are they going to make it happen by running away? They know who the bad guys are and they should be able to get assistance to put a plug in stuff. Just think where we would be if 250 years ago the fore fathers ran away! But thats right its easier to make someone else do it while you sit back looking for handouts instead of trying to fix what is wrong yourself.

      • Read it for yourself, Hank: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/5983073-Trump-lawsuit-against-Deutsche-Bank-and-Capital.html

        As for Deutsche Bank, sources include The Guardian (London), Reuters, New York Times, 100 Reporters, Drug Enforcement Administration, Business News…and plenty more online.

        As far as “cowards” go, when your nine-year-old kid is branded with a hot iron with a gang insignia to “recruit” him and the US-supported government does nothing, I understand running away. It’s either that or die.

        • its not a US govt requirement to do anything, its up to the people of the country they belong to. They can organize then request assistance, but they would rather run away instead. Yes the us may support but it is up to the county’s government to do something and its up to the people the get something started. When the US has gone in to do something, then the left yells and howls that it should mind its own business. You guys need to make up your minds in what you want done or just follow the left and destroy our country like they have been trying to do!

        • just read the 1st 4 paragraphs and see that is an attempt to destroy trump and his family. If schit is leading this then that explains everything does it not. The russians did it!

          Still not a credible link as it is politically initiated by the left.

      • Hank — the link is to the Trump lawyers filing with the court to prevent Deutsche Bank and Capital One from revealing who knows what — not initiated by the left, not by a long shot. What is tRump hiding?

        The US government, Dimocrats and Republkikooks alike, has some responsibilities to the victims of the cartels in Central America. First, most of those drugs are sold to US customers. Second, it was bipartisan US policies that destabilized those countries and created the power vacuum that the cartels have moved into. I saw it for myself in El Salvador, as I reported in ADI some months ago. The least we can do as a nation is to expedite processing of asylum requests for those in harms way because of those policies.

        • There has never been a day in Central America, especially Mexico, when it was not morally corrupt. Their ‘lords’ of all stripes have always exploited the populace. It is the white guilt liberal that is now destabilizing the US as a conduit, sympathizer to the slave trade we politely call ‘human smuggling’ and refer to those slaves as “undocumented”.

          But hey, never miss an opportunity to Hate on America!

    • We’re so sorry, but we haven’t heard a thing all day,
      We’re so sorry, uncle Albert,
      But if anything should happen
      We’ll be sure to give a ring.

      “We’re so sorry, uncle Albert,
      But we haven’t done a bloody thing all day.
      We’re so sorry, uncle Albert,
      But the kettle’s on the boil
      And we’re so eas’ly called away.”

      We’re so sorry, Uncle Albert
      That your heads about to spin
      But the banks are owned by globalists
      And you’re blinded by the din

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