First Amendment Rights Denied UofA College Republicans

The home of the National Institute for Civil Discourse seems to believe in anything but civil discourse

Censorship and violating freedom of speech is alive and well in the heart of Tucson at the University of Arizona. On Thursday night, after a meeting of the UA College Republicans, some members took the opportunity to express their support for President Donald Trump in posing with a large flag at the Student Union Memorial Center.

UofA students posing with a large flag at the Student Union Memorial Center
UofA students posing with a large flag at the Student Union Memorial Center. [Photo courtesy UA College Republicans]
Wildfire conversation UA College Republicans
Screen shot of Wildfire conversation [Photo courtesy UA College Republicans]
After the minimal demonstration, many of the participants shared photos and uploaded them to Wildfire, an app similar to Twitter that caters to university students.  Shortly after sharing the photos, at least one student posted a picture to the social media site where it had been reported and removed.

The home of the National Institute for Civil Discourse seems to believe in anything but civil discourse and true diversity of thought. Additionally, it is more of the rule than the exception that social media sites are seeking to silence conservative voices and opinions.  Ironically, social media and institutions of higher education seem to be operating with parallel ideologies.

During the meeting, a speaker asked the members if they were afraid to share their opinions and thoughts with their professors and classmates for fear of being ostracized or punished academically for having a contradictory viewpoint. Most of the students present acknowledged their hesitance or straight refusal to express their deeply held opinions or thoughts.

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees the right to free speech which has been held to include that which is not liked or may be deemed offensive. Censorship of openly supporting the President of the United States cannot be permitted in a free society let alone on a public university.

While Wildfire might be a privately held company, suppressing the free exercise of speech and thought elevates it to the level of the Thinkpol or thought police as described by Orwell in 1984.

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Chris King is a veteran, community leader, member of the Pima County GOP Executive Committee. Mr. King is an expert in international security.


  1. I went to see NO SAFE SPACES last week and it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Fast paced and fully documented about how we are losing our free speech because of PC. Universities are the worst. Check it out Everyone of all beliefs need to go.

  2. I’m a college student in AZ. I’m very conservative and will never voice my opinion for fear of reprisal from faculty and students. I have to constantly listen to how everything negative in the world is because of “old white men” verbatim.

    • You have a choice. You don’t have to be a ‘subject’ to the ‘progressives’. We still have freedom of association and movement. Believe me, if you are conservative you will never be welcome in Tucson/Pima County.

  3. Actually at ua this goes back to PRE social networks. Back in the 60’s the anti’s were everywhere and again they were against american involvement and only wanted freedom of their thoughts. Had a prof that gave reading and assessment assignmets on all the left wingers of the day. I wrote that they were a bunch of idiots and should not be advocated for. Got a D on the paper, friend wrote basically best thing since sliced bread and got a B or B+! At end of semester I got grades, and an admission from the prof that we were diametrically opposite on views, BUT he said he could not hold it back that I had my facts to BACK UP my views, so ended up with a B for the course. But this was not the rule at the time, once again the libs are showing how accepting they are of their own views and not yours it seems.

  4. Is Wildfire sponsored by the UofA? From this article it isn’t clear to me how the university is preventing free speech.

  5. That the narrarative today. I witness it here. If you have a different opinion your attacked!

    On National leveĺ your anti American, socialïst ete. That tone by Trump & Whïte house,a public housing i should note.

    So sad these young adultŕs have to endure this type of actions , behaviors, attitudes and such.

    I encourge often a more biblical type of action, do to othes as you have done to you. Lets be kind, allow differances and not impñse our view as ” the ” only one.

    That being said lets get back to empeachment.

    • and not impñse our view as ” the ” only one…. oh you mean like using whatever bathroom one feels like that day? Endangering young.. I found a naked man in a girls bathroom – hamburger location – his choice? Who’s to say he’s wrong?

  6. the political suppression on college campuses continue unabated
    Thank you Chris for bringing this to light
    I hope that you can find way to bring court case against these illegal acts

    Time to take OUR country back
    from time to time the tree of liberty must be TRIMMED of its outliers like progressives

    Thomas Jefferson had it right – while govt MUST NOT interfere with religion — RELIGION Has RIGHT TO INFLUENCE GOVT HEAVILY
    as u.s. demonstrates – WE ARE FALLING from our 1st world status right to 3rd world
    emperor has no clothes when it is finished

    AND WILL MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF UNPAYABLE DEBT being foisted upon us – we are soon to be DONE – so get ready to put FORK IN IT

  7. Certainly you shouldn’t expect freedom of speech, tolerance of views. This is Tucson, ‘progressive’ Tucson. Capital of the Resistance, the Center of Hate.

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