In Democratic Primary Biden Leads The Pack In Arizona

Three-way race in Arizona: Biden, Warren, Sanders

joe biden
Vice-President Joe Biden joining President Obama in a hearty laugh. [Photo from YouTube]

PHOENIX – Joe Biden is maintaining a healthy double-digit lead against his closest Democratic presidential primary competitors in Arizona, according to the latest OHPI survey.

Among Arizona’s likely Democratic Presidential Primary voters, Biden is garnering 29 percent support, with Elizabeth Warren in second earning 18 percent, and Bernie Sanders rounding out the top 3 with 16 percent. No other candidates received more than 10% support.

While Biden is leading state-wide, support varies across different parts of the state. More people (32%) in vote-rich Maricopa county say Biden is their preferred candidate  — greater than the combined support for Warren and Sanders. However, further south in Pima County, the second-most populous county in the state both Biden and Sanders have double the support of Warren. Among the rest of Arizona’s 15 counties, Warren leads Biden and Sanders by 5 points and 4 points, respectively.

Among Hispanic voters — a key constituency for Democrats in Arizona — Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are dominating the field with nearly 2 out of every 3 Hispanic voters saying that one of these two men is their preferred choice. In third place is Julian Castro, the only Latino still in the race, receiving 8% of the vote.

Education is proving to be another cause of division in the primary so far. Warren gains the support of nearly 1 in 3 Democratic voters who have a postgraduate degree. Among Democrats with only a Bachelor’s degree, the race is much closer with only 6 points separating the 3 frontrunners. However, Joe Biden is doing nearly 3 times as well as Warren among voters without a college degree and almost twice as well as Sanders with this group.

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