MVD Customers To Receive License Plates, Registration Tabs, Vehicle Titles By U.S. Mail

Digital license plate. (Photo courtesy of ADOT)

You might never have to sit in an MVD office again if you are a lucky motorist in the state of Arizona due to changes by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division. Beginning in January, customers needing license plates, registration tabs, and vehicle titles will now receive them through the mail.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), customers will no longer be able to obtain license plates, registration tabs and vehicle titles at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office.

ADOT advises customers to make sure their address is current and complete with the U.S. Postal Service and MVD.

“The MVD needs to be well-positioned for the growth of e-commerce,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser Richards i a press release. “Distributing items such as license plates, tabs, title work and other documents allows us to prepare for the growing demand for fulfilling customer orders through the mail as MVD continues to increase the number of services available online, anytime.”

● All registration documents and license plate tabs, including those issued at MVD self-service kiosks will be mailed. When customers renew, their record is updated instantly and a receipt will be proof of registration.

● For customers getting a license plate, the change will also mean the plate number will be entered into the customer’s service file and the temporary plate issued at the office will have the same number as the permanent plate being mailed.

● Customers who purchase Off-Highway Vehicle decals the same day they plan to use them at a recreational area will not receive the decal at the office, but will get a receipt that should be kept with them to prove the decals have been purchased.

● In the future, more vehicle titles will transition to an electronic process. Currently, a limited number of title transfers such as one-owner to one-owner transfers of Arizona-registered vehicles can already be done entirely online through AZ MVD Now, which is available through

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  1. If this is happening, why are they wasting so much money converting the giant Harkins Theatre in Flagstaff into a new MVD office? Makes no sense. Last year I bought a new, small camp trailer. After paying plenty is sales taxes, I learned the license plate would cost $615.00 for the first year of registration (the majority of that 615 is VLT – the vehicle license tax). Were talking about a small camp trailer here, something you tow behind a truck several times a year, not some giant RV with an engine.

    On a good note, I don’t thing its possible for MVD’s customer service to get any worse…….

  2. Oh yeah… this’ll work…

    On its own it sounds like a stupid idea so millennials will never have to leave the house. And for those of us who have people continually breaking into mailboxes or having the P.O. mis-delivering your mail it’ll add another nightmare to the list. And of course doing everything on-line is SAFE and SECURE… right?

  3. From withholding the ability to transfer vehicle ownership, to license plate switch a roo; be assured that MVD will be in your pocket

  4. So, one can now go online to get a driver’s license, register a vehicle and get plates. AZ keeps adding ingredients to a recipe for disaster. Or is there some way to detect anyone illegally procuring these services?

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