Arizona Representatives Cry Foul In Reaction To Decision To Delay Impeachment Vote

Chairman Jerry Nadler pulls the plug on Thursday night's impeachment hearing

Arizona Representative Andy Biggs called House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler’s decision to abruptly end the impeachment hearing on Thursday night “stunning.” According to Biggs, members of the Committee had an agreement to proceed with a vote on the adoption of two articles of impeachment on Thursday night, but Nadler pulled the plug unexpectedly.

Representative Debbi Lesko speculated that Nadler was concerned that not enough people were watching the impeachment hearing so late at night. Nadler ended the hearing at approximately 11:15 p.m.

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  1. If they had held the vote late at night the complaint would have been that the Dims jammed it through when everyone was tired! When are both sides going to stop with the childish games and finger-pointing and deal with some facts? And when are tRump’s supporters going to take off their blinders? It’s sadly ironic that while tRump was jealously bullying a 16-year-old on Twitter Melania was holding a meeting about cyber-bullying!

  2. TV camers, democraps surly you jest. They have their own best interests at heart so they would not do this to put on a display if idiocy now would they? As nadsless said the other day, trump is out to get ‘US’ so I guess they thought they had better continue the comedy in daylight although most has been conducted behind closed doors!

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