Kirkpatrick’s Voting Record “Worse Than Median” Among Lifetime Records

ann kirkpatrick
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick cuts short a conversation with grieving Angel grandmother Laura Basurto during Kirkpatrick’s Congress On Your Corner event on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

WASHINGTON – Last week, congressional colleagues and constituents of Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick offered prayers and well wishes upon her announcement that she is seeking treatment for alcohol dependence. She blamed her dependence on alcohol for a serious fall she took that caused multiple cracked ribs and spinal fractures.

“I am finally seeking this help after struggling to do so in the past, and I am ready to admit that I, like countless other Americans, suffer from this disease,” Kirkpatrick wrote in a statement.

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According to Politico, “Kirkpatrick, who missed a historic floor vote on Wednesday (January 15) to transmit impeachment articles to the Senate, did not say how much time she is expected to be away from Washington. But she made clear she intended to keep her seat.”

“I am taking this important step forward with the full expectation and desire to return to work stronger and healthier and to continue serving my beloved Arizona,” she wrote in the statement.

While Arizona on both sides of the aisle wish the best for Rep. Kirkpatrick, some are questioning if she has given them her best based on her voting record. reports that “from Jan 2009 to Jan 2020, Kirkpatrick missed 337 of 4,907 roll call votes, which is 6.9%. This is much worse than the median of 2.1% among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving.”

“It is a crying shame that an elected official expected to represent over 200,000 constituents from southern Arizona can’t be bothered to do her job and cast a vote,” said Chris King, First Vice Chair of the Pima GOP and a Kirkpatrick constituent. “An elected official that is paid more than 4 times the average wage of her constituents should be held to a higher standard and do the job she was elected to do and she has failed in her responsibilities. It is time for Rep Kirkpatrick to resign and let someone who will do the job they were elected to do fill the role.”


Missed Votes

Time PeriodVotes EligibleMissed VotesPercentPercentile
2009 Jan-Mar17431.7%44th
2009 Apr-Jun30310.3%9th
2009 Jul-Sep26800.0%0th
2009 Oct-Dec246114.5%72nd
2010 Jan-Mar195178.7%86th
2010 Apr-Jun21910.5%11th
2010 Jul-Sep15142.6%58th
2010 Nov-Dec992020.2%92nd
2013 Jan-Mar891618.0%96th
2013 Apr-Jun21562.8%61st
2013 Jul-Sep2002713.5%97th
2013 Oct-Dec13710.7%30th
2014 Jan-Mar14800.0%0th
2014 Apr-Jun2193616.4%95th
2014 Jul-Sep14742.7%67th
2014 Nov-Dec4900.0%0th
2015 Jan-Mar14400.0%0th
2015 Apr-Jun24462.5%71st
2015 Jul-Sep139117.9%86th
2015 Oct-Dec17784.5%85th
2016 Jan-Mar1372014.6%90th
2016 Apr-Jun204104.9%75th
2016 Jul-Sep2324017.2%97th
2016 Nov-Dec484491.7%100th
2019 Jan-Mar13610.7%32nd
2019 Apr-Jun2943210.9%93rd
2019 Jul-Sep12500.0%0th
2019 Oct-Dec14600.0%0th
2020 Jan-Jan221881.8%99th

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