11 member of drug trafficking organization arrested in Tucson

Purportedly supplied both Pima and Cochise Counties with heroin and crystal methamphetamine

dps vehicle

TUCSON – Law enforcement officers with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Arizona Department of Public Safety arrested 11 members of a drug trafficking organization in Tucson on Tuesday.

The arrests came as the result of the culmination of a year-long joint investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Sierra Vista Resident Office along with the Arizona Department of Public Safety’s (AZDPS) Border Strike Force.

The investigation into the alleged activities of Luis Agustin Montaño Hernandez and his drug trafficking organization (DTO) began in December 2018. According to AZDPS, the Montaño-Hernandez DTO was identified as an organization operating primarily in the Tucson area, and purportedly supplying both Pima and Cochise Counties with heroin and crystal methamphetamine.

Agents and detectives obtained search warrants through the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for Tucson locations including 5957 S. Euclid Avenue; 1310 W. Garnette Street, Unit B; 4343 N. Iroquois Avenue, Unit D; 6161 E. Grant Road, Apt 22106; 3620 E. Felix Blvd; and 5601 S. 12th Avenue, Apt 814.

Officers and agents also arrested: Luis Montaño-Hernandez, age 36; Orlando Montaño-Hernandez, age 32; Tatiana Tapia, age 33, Jesus Emmanuel Tapia, age 19; Antonio Rubio, age 67; Tracey Trevena, age 60; Irene Norzagaray, age 65; Raymond Taylor, age 68, Carlos Navallaz, age 22; William Kehn, age 59; and Jeffrey Stirnweis, age 62.

Over a pound of heroin, small quantities of methamphetamine, ½ pound of suspected fentanyl, approximately $21,000 in cash, eight vehicles and seven weapons including a sawed-off shotgun were seized.

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