Brothers Arrested After Mesa Woman Shot In Road Rage Incident

Andres Nunez | Arturo Nunez (Arturo Alberto Martinez)[Photo courtesy Maricopa County Sheriff's Office]

MESA – Two brothers, Andres Nunez and Arturo Nunez (Arturo Alberto Martinez) have been arrested in connection with a road rage shooting in Mesa. The incident occurred at the intersection at Rio Salado and Country Club.

According to Mesa Police, two women were driving in the area of Rio Salado Pkwy and Country Club in Mesa when 27-year-old Andres Nunez, and 29-year-old brother Arturo became enraged and began yelling at them. Andres began swerving his vehicle into the victims’ car, nearly striking it. Arturo was also in the car along with a girlfriend.

When both cars reached the intersection at Rio Salado and Country Club, a verbal fight broke out and continued when Arturo and the women got out of their cars. The women heard Arturo yell “west side” while showing the victims his hand in a shape of a “W,” according to Mesa Police.

Arturo allegedly began hitting the hood of the victims’ car while continuing to yell at them. One of the victims then hit Arturo’s car, prompting the girlfriend and brother to get out.

Mesa Police say that when the women realized they were outnumbered, the driver yelled to her passenger to get back in the car just as the passenger was pushed to the ground by Arturo. When the driver saw that Arturo was holding a gun, she jumped into her car and drove to a nearby parking lot, striking Arturo while attempting to flee. Andres then fire his gun 12 times, hitting the driver three times – twice in the leg and once in the shoulder. She has non-life threatening injuries.

Mesa Police say that officers arrived just as the shooting stopped. Arturo yelled “west side” and “Phoeniquera” at officers as they were giving commands.

When Arturo did not obey officers’ commands, officers shot several bean bag rounds at him.

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