Gosar Trolls Pelosi, Hopes To Censure Her For “Classless Outburst”

Gosar “found” Pelosi copy of SOTU

On Thursday, a tweet by Rep. Paul Gosar went viral in which he jokingly claimed he found the copy of the State of the Union speech that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi ripped up in a garbage can.

In an interview on KFYI’s James T. Harris show, Gosar discussed the Speakers “classless outburst” and the atmosphere around the Capitol since Pelosi’s controversial action and President Trump’s acquittal.

Gosar explained that Pelosi’s decision to tear up a copy of the speech was “vengeful” and “vindictive.”

Gosar, who represents Arizona’s fourth district, which is home to the family of Kayla Mueller, told Harris, “This is personal for me. When she ripped up that speech, it had a lot of meaning for me and the Mueller family.”

Gosar explained, “That was the loss of Kayla and it means something. When you tear up those remarks, you tear up the remembering of Kayla Mueller and her mom and dad.”

Gosar announced on Wednesday his plan to introduce a resolution censuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping apart President Trump’s State of the Union address.

“In response to her classless outburst, I’ve decided to introduce a resolution to censure & condemn Speaker Pelosi,” tweeted Gosar. “In a new low, she violated the Code of Official Conduct requiring Members ‘behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.'”

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