Ruben Gallego Trolls Trump Jr., Demands Civility Of Other Veterans

ruben gallego
Rep. Ruben Gallego [Photo from office of U.S. Rep. Ruben Gallego]

PHOENIX – Former U.S. Marine Corporal-turned-Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego took to Twitter over the weekend and lashed out once again at the Trump family. This time, his target was  Donald Trump Jr., who  Gallego called a “Piece of $#!*”

Gallego, who earned the nickname “the angry troll” during his time in the Arizona Legislature, just a day before demanded that his fellow veterans  “Debate in a civil manner. We are better than Trump let’s prove it.”

Many of his fellow veterans believe that Gallego only proved that he learned nothing during his military career.

“It saddens me to see that Rep. Gallego continues to attack his political enemies with venom normally reserved for mortal enemies. We cannot treat each other as mortal enemies simply because we disagree,” said Sergio Arellano, who served with the 1st Infantry Division “The Big Red One” in Afghanistan. “As soldiers, and now veterans, and community leaders representing Latinos, we should set an example for young Latinx and exercise the restraint we learned in the military. I came home a wounded warrior and although a conservative, I proudly served on Rep. Gabby Giffords’ Veteran Advisory Council. I know first-hand that Republicans and Democrats can work together. They can’t work together when they use epithets and then demand civility. Rep. Gallego needs to learn to lead us into a brighter friendlier future or get out of the way.”

Marine Staff Sergeant Del Dawley stated, “The USMC has taught me at least one thing; honor counts.”

“Our military is a microcosm of our nation. While we are, and should continue to be, held to a higher standard, we are a reflection of American society. It should not surprise anyone that there are service members who aren’t as honorable as they could be,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant (retired) BobbieJo King, who like Gallego earned combat experience in Afghanistan.

“With shock politics and the need for the next big crisis to keep the faithful following, Rep Gallego fell into that trap. His need to shock to be relevant overshadowed his call for civility just one tweet before his response to Trump, Jr. With civility such as Rep Gallego’s who needs shock politics? Do I want an apology from this Marine? No. Representative Gallego’s credibility is what it is, and Donald Trump, Jr. can handle himself,” said King.

Fellow retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, Lyle Armstrong said Gallego’s posts “seems a little hypocritical if you ask me. He is suffering from Liberal SIN. Switch the subject, Ignore the facts, and Name call.”

Gallego’s hypocrisy struck Arizona Republican Party Communications Director Zach Henry as well. “Blinded by his hatred for President Trump,” said Henry, “Ruben Gallego has become the poster child for Democrat hypocrisy and fanaticism.”

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In 2018, Gallego blew up the Twittershpere with an attack on President Donald Trump’s for his “s%$#hole country” comment.

Days later, Gallego threatened government officials and law enforcement officers in a tweet when he ominously advised ICE officers that they would “not be safe because you were just following orders.”

Gallego has a history of vitriolic attacks. In 2013, according to a complaint filed by two female legislators, Gallego had made a sexual “slur” about Rep. Catherine Miranda following “a disagreement on April 1, 2013, between members of the Democrat Caucus on the floor of the House…”

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