Lamb Comes Out In Opposition To SB1625, Apache County Declared 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb [Photo from Facebook]

PHOENIX – Across the state of Arizona, 2nd Amendment supporters are lining up against efforts to restrict gun ownership and institute “red flag laws.”

On Monday, Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb came out strong against Democrats in the Arizona Senate who are pushing legislation, SB1625, which would require “assault weapons” throughout the state to be registered or surrendered. The bill also allows owners to render the firearm inoperable instead of surrender.

In his Facebook post, Sheriff Lamb called on 2nd Amendment advocates to join him and other Sheriff’s in opposition: “We must protect the 2nd Amendment, after all it’s what protects the Constitution and Freedom. Myself and the other AZ Sheriffs I have spoken to do NOT support SB 1625. This bill is irresponsible. Please be informed and involved. Let your State Senators and Reps know we love and protect the 2nd Amendment.”

Last week, Apache County joined Yavapai, Mohave and La Paz counties in declaring itself a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” According to the White Mountain Independent, the declaration is designed to “prevent the implementation of any gun control measures that make it through Congress or the state legislatures.”

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey appears to be determined to have some form of “red flag law” passed this session. Red flag laws allow government agencies to temporarily suspend the gun rights of people like those subject to domestic violence orders of protection.


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